Special conversation: Vivian Dsena said – Mental health should not be ignored, it is okay then you can do anything in life

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Actor Vivian Dsena has been associated with the glamor industry for almost 14 years. According to Vivian, he focuses more on mental health than physical appearance. Let me tell you, these days he is seen as a lead in the serial ‘Sirf Tum’. Recently, during a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Vivian shared some special things related to mental health.

What does mental health mean to you?
Mental health is very important and to be honest it is everything for me. I believe that if I am mentally fit then I can give my 100 percent in whatever I do in life. Your self-worth is in your head. When you do any kind of work, first of all use your brain. If your mind is working properly then you can do anything in life, you will be able to work better and give good time to your family and balance everything. I give more importance to my mental health than my physical appearance and will always give it.

Do you think in search of career and ambition in the race of metros like Delhi and Mumbai. We take care of physical health, everyone goes to gym but we forget mental health, what is your view on this?
Yes, this is absolutely right. We are so busy looking good instead of thinking good that we ignore thinking good. We are in a competition these days, in which we always think about looking good. These are very wrong. The reason for this is fast lifestyle. The people of my hometown are healthier than the people of Mumbai, because their lifestyle is not so fast. We’re going fast because we want to get everything done fast, but we’re putting a lot at stake in this bargain. The only advice I would like to give to the youth of today is that they should at least stay connected to their roots, give some time to their mental health and mental peace.

Do you think people in the glamor industry go through more stress than any other industry?
It is a stressful job. 12 hours of shooting, 3 hours of traveling, imagine how stressful it must have been to work continuously for 15 hours a day. This is a tedious job. A corporate job involves working 12 hours and not traveling for 3 hours. They work 8 hours a day. Obviously, there is no doubt that people in the entertainment industry go through a lot of stress.

How do you motivate when you feel sad?
I go and sit in some quiet place. I spend more and more time there. During that time, I think about what I have achieved in my life. The kind of love I get from my fans, I think about them. All these things motivate me a lot to move forward in life.

Cases of suicide in the country have also increased significantly as compared to earlier. What do you say?
If you have good thinking then you can achieve anything in life even if it is living life. Mental health is considered a joke but it is very important. People have to pay attention to this.

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