Special conversation with Babli Bouncer: Tamannaah Bhatia said, there is a lot of money, now this heart asks for love

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Madhur Bhandarkar, who has won several National Awards this week, is bringing ‘Babli Bouncer’ with Tamannaah Bhatia for the first time. In this the world of female bouncers has been revealed. Here is an exclusive conversation with him-

Both of you have house, car, bungalow, what things do you wish for now?

Tamanna – Money is really a lot. Now this heart asks for love.

Madhur- I just need money to keep making films. Keep making movies. Just keep working. The rest is my simple living.

In Madhur’s films, only women are dominant. Why did you choose Tamannaah for this film?

Madhur- I got in touch with Junglee Pictures and Fox Star Studios when the script was ready. Tamanna’s name came from there. Also I had seen ‘Bahubali’. Even when I met him, I felt that Tamanna is perfect for Babli. As a filmmaker, I have always preferred a face that suits the character. Our writers Amit Joshi and Aradhana were also with us. Tamannaah was shocked to hear the narration. He also said that you will also make a film on such a script? His only request was that we complete the picture in one flow so that he remains in character.

How did you prepare for your character?

Tamanna- I think as a world of bouncers, we had picked a very novel subject. Especially the world of female bouncers. Although their physical strength is really high, but they have a witty response and a lively heart. Both those things are very important. So that during the work, he can handle the difficult situations with his wit and lively heart. I think Madhur sir understands women better than women. Then the improvisations that he did, I had not even imagined.

Does this one deserve that award like your previous National Award winning film?

Madhur- Look, thinking of this, no one makes a film. When my first picture ‘Trishakti’ flopped, people wrote my professional tribute that its career was over. But when ‘Chandni Bar’ was released, a new journey of mine started from there. So the journey of films is not custom made that I will make the film for the National Award. I’ll send him for the Oscars. That job belongs to the jury. Of course, it is our job to not let the pictures go over budget. Incidentally, my name has been associated with making films within budget. Getting the rest of the award is a bonus. Everyone wants his work to be appreciated.

Tamannaah has probably done 65 films till now. Which of those characters have you learned from in real life?

Tamanna- We can’t imbibe those characters. We can go through those kind of emotions at some stage of our life. Otherwise, if I play a serial killer tomorrow, then it is not necessary that I should use the method of killing someone. Of course, the character of Bahubali made me feel that I am more powerful than I thought. Babli could definitely explore about herself that since childhood, a ‘Dada’ has been living in me, who sometimes fights with peers in school even for a samosa. At the same time, I also felt a sense of innocence in myself. I believe it is in you, you cannot fake it.

You have also worked with Rajamouli. What similarities have you been able to feel in her and Madhur Bhandarkar?

Tamannaah- Both of them do not cast any artist because they are stars. Rather because they fit the role written by the artist. Both are great secure filmmakers. That’s why despite making so many films, Madhur Sir has a habit of rediscovering and carving himself. Both have a knack for telling rooted stories. That’s why their stories have mass appeal. Madhur sir’s female-oriented films could only work because they were routed stories. There were no remakes. Rajamouli sir is well visionary. He started using VFX tools even before ‘Baahubali’.

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