Special conversation with Ranbir, Alia and Ayan: Preparations to bring Part 2 in the next three years, the next part of the film will be full of suspense like Bahubali

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Brahmastra, which released last week, has made tremendous collections at the box office. Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Ayan Mukerji are very excited about the success of the film. He has shared his happiness and feelings with Dainik Bhaskar. Read the excerpt of this conversation-

What is the most unique complement you found?

Ayan: I would like to share what we have received collectively. People are enjoying it. Children are also liking this film. Of course some people don’t like certain things. Its visuals were so challenging, that many times it seemed that this film would be made or not. But we passed in that report card.

Ranbir: Most of the films that have been coming before this, we used to talk about our performance, then there used to be talk about the film. It is being talked about here that such a spectacle film has been delivered from India.

Alia: When I started my career, I was also a child at that time. Even at that time, the children who were most of my fans used to come to me. Someone said that if children like your movies, then nothing is better than that. He is very loyal and true too. That’s why I don’t call them fans but family. Reuters Sumukhi Suresh sent me an essay from Nice, just six years old. The girl wrote that the film was sometimes scary, but lovely.

Has the story of Part 2 been written?

Ayan: A basic story was in place from the beginning. A basic link will lead to Part 3. I will say less about Amrita and Dev, but in today’s date the power has reached its peak in the Brahmastra which is attached in the hands of Shiva. He can create fire from within. This story will go on. The story of God will remain the same. Keeping in mind the feedback we have received, we will add those things in the next section. My target is to bring Part 2 in three years.

How much gap should there be in the parts of films?

Alia: Prep is more important. This thing has been learned from the first part of this film. For the remaining two years, the next parts keep coming, that is what we want.

Ranbir:- There are other aspects of the question gap to be considered before that. That is, the audience is also discussing the budget of Brahmastra. The assets of fire or super power etc. that we created in Part 1, will be divided into three films. The way films have been made in the industry, it is different from the economics of those films. Now we can easily move to Parts 2 and 3. In Part 1, Ayan himself had to learn how such films are made.

How much will Alia enjoy playing the negative Isha in view of the fan made theories?

Alia:- It depends on whether our creator will like more than me or not. Of course the theories of fans are very interesting. Many have caught the very right things about our stories. So for the time being I would not like to comment on it.

Ranbir: I think if theories are coming then it is a good thing. Obviously the audience is fantasizing along with you. So as a producer and actor, it is a pleasure that very few films get this kind of buzz.

Alia:- People are asking me about Part 2 only. I am enjoying it very much, because I have answers to some of his questions, but I cannot answer them right now.

What was Dil Dhak Dhak Kar about the opening and collection of the film, because it was a big film?

Ranbir: Absolutely. We make films for the box office.

Ayan:- More box office collection means more and more people have come to watch your film. I am still very passionate that even those who do not want to watch the film, they should at least give it a chance after watching the film. Even if you did not get anything, you would have ever got such experience in Indian cinema. We worked on the film for so many years so that our audience can go and experience this experience.

Will Shahrukh and Nagarjuna be seen in Part 2 and 3?

Ranbir:- It’s going to be a very secret. Ayan has not even told us. But we have not even seen whether his character is dead or not?

Alia:- I also believe that the character of scientist may not have died.

Ayan:- Same thing has happened with Nagarjuna sir too but we can’t comment anything.

Ranbir:- We all three will be grateful to Shahrukh sir. We went to his house. Told him that we are making this film. He agreed in two minutes. Say what you want to do.

Ayan:- We are very thankful to him. We cannot see in their eyes the favor they have done for us. And perhaps he was also aware of the pain and struggle of making a film with such VFX, only then he helped us.

When will the names of Dev and Amrita be revealed?

Alia:- We have made a plan. But we can’t reveal it now. I have definitely discussed with Ayaan that when to remove the curtain from the names?

Ranbir: Actually we don’t even want to give such a vibe that everyone wants to work with us. The names that are being taken, they should also like the script. We are very happy at this time that the excitement that has come, is the same excitement as after the release of Bahubali 1, there was excitement among the general public that ‘Why did Katappa kill Bahubali’? The one who cooks the food in our house also had the same question that who is God? That excitement is amazing.

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