Special talk: Madhuri Dixit Bolin-Saroj Khan used to say you are your mother at home, but on the set I am your mother

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Mumbai5 minutes agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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Seeing the girl Madhuri Dixit, it seems that she has kept her life in captivity. She is going to judge the dance reality show ‘Dance Deewane-3’ soon. The world is crazy about Madhuri’s dance, but she describes herself as a fan of Vyjayanti Mala and Waheeda Rehman’s dance. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar recently, Madhuri Dixit also told about her personal and professional life.

Q. During the Corona period, famous choreographer Saroj Khan was no more, will any one remember her?
A. She always told me that you have a mother at home, I know this. But when you are on the set, then I am your mother. Will handle you like your mother on the set. I felt very happy about that. This thing of his will always be remembered.

Q. What is the thing that makes the next season of Dance Crazy excited to judge?
A. There are three things. One is Dance Diwane as one platform, in which the third generation is given a chance. I think, this is the biggest thing. Secondly, there are two new people on our panel. One is Judge Dharmesh Yelande and the other is host Raghav Juyal. This time we are all four professionally dancers, so we are having fun. The third reason is that singles and couples are not only dancing this year, but also, duets, trios and groups are coming. This is a big change. When groups come to dance, a different style and energy is found.

Q. Looking at the Corona era, what other changes have come?
A. There have been many changes. Today we repeatedly sanitize hands, wear masks. One big thing that has emerged in the midst of all this is that we show responsiveness towards each other. This caring feeling is very good. Another good thing happened in the lockdown was the opportunity to spend time with the family, which always complies. Of course, it was also bad. As workers had to travel. But when everything is open, then everything will be alright.

Q. Two people have come new, but two have also left, what will they miss?
A. Oh, is that so! I will miss them a lot. After that, Shashank Khaitan was from this profession, then both of us used to talk a lot from watching the film. Arjun had a very good chemistry with Bijlani, I will miss him too. When used to tease and play Rakhi songs, it was fun. Really, I will miss all those things.

Q. The world is crazy about your dance, whose dance are you a fan of?
A. well! I loved the dance of Vyjayanti Mala Ji, Waheeda Rehman Ji. Dance of Afkors, Kathak dance style dancers, Birju Maharaj ji, Gopi Krishna, Sitara Devi ji etc. are also very popular. In Indian, Hema Malini ji and in Western I am very much a fan of Fred Astaire, Jim Kelly etc. dance.

Q. Seeing your fitness, you feel that you have kept your age in the fist, what is the secret?
A. It takes a lot of discipline. Raj is nothing, there is no secret. Right now in everyday life someone is eating big in front of them, then the mind is tempted, but has to live in the discipline that it cannot eat. Then I pick up some fruit to eat. Its secret is only Discipline, while there is the biggest thing. Whenever I get time, I work out. To handle a diet is to have healthy habits. Always think about how to make yourself better. I keep positive thinking. Everyone’s good, everyone’s good, I always think this.

Q. Which favorite dish like batata bada, which has to be avoided?
A. I do cheating one day a week. Then I eat any thing I like. I like modak a lot. Now it was Doctor Nene’s birthday, then he made modak. He also likes Modak very much. Then I ate from it too.

Q. Recently it was Valentine’s Day, where, how and when did Dr. Nene first meet?
A. Hey, God! We first met in Los Angeles. My brother set up the entire meeting. A party was held for all the parents at home without telling me. I might not get it if I told you. Well, that’s how I had my first meeting there. After that we met once again of course. I thought I like this person. Then the matter went ahead and we got married.

Q. Is learning some new form in dance too?
A. You get to learn something new everyday in dance. When small children come to the show and say dance with us. Then some dance forms get to see and learn from them. Meaning this is the river, the less you learn. The whole world will see how many dance forms there are, how many people will learn, but when they get to learn, then I learn.

Q. Single album was also brought, what are you doing next in singing?
A. Just got lockeddown, so it could not do much. Then released his single. He was in English. It was dedicated to the front line workers. They saw that leaving the family and working at risk and life, the response towards them increased. I thought I would release it in lockdown. We shot the entire shoot at home.

Q. Stars have a beautiful beauty, to maintain it, actors make botox, did anyone ever pressurize you for a role?
A. Look, I don’t judge anyone on this. Those who are happy do it. This brings them self-confidence, whatever it is. I have never felt such pressure. No one can put pressure on anyone like this.


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