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SpiceJet Air Hostess Welcomes Her Parents Onboard In This Wholesome Video – News18

Last Updated: August 07, 2023, 10:38 IST

The heartwarming video left social media users emotional. (Credits: Instagram)

In the clip, the woman checks her parents’ tickets and guides them towards their seats as they board their flight.

Parents’ dedication to their children’s success and happiness leads them to make sacrifices and do their best in every way possible. In return, children strive to achieve success and bring pride to their parents through their accomplishments. While this is a common desire and goal for many, some are fortunate enough to not only experience this proud and emotional moment but also share it with the world.

This dynamic is beautifully expressed in a viral video, showcasing the sweet encounter between an air hostess and her parents. Asmita, the air hostess, who works for SpiceJet welcomed her parents on board. She shared this heartwarming moment on her Instagram account. Her caption read, “And the VIP pax onboard. special feeling.” A prominent text overlay in the video reads, “POV – your daughter is an air hostess.”

Watch the heartwarming video here:

In the video, Asmita guides her parents to their seats, checking their tickets with a smile. The proud parents take their seats in the front row. The video has struck a chord with social media users. One user captured the essence of the moment, stating, “Can’t explain it…Just…feel, trust, happiness, pride..”

Another comment praised Asmita’s professionalism during the emotional moments. The user said, “So proud, girl. She is trying so hard to control her tears.”

The emotional bonds within Indian families were brought to light by a commenter who noticed a distinct contrast in the reactions of Ashmita’s parents. While her father displayed a constant smile, her mother remained composed and didn’t express intense emotions in public, although she was equally happy and proud. He wrote “Respect. The love and affection of Indian parents might not be loud, but it’s always there for kids and family.”

“The ultimate goal for many of us is to earn our father’s pride,” read another comment. The video has already gained about 12 lakh likes on Instagram alone.

Watching this video also reminded viewers of another video that had previously gone viral, featuring a pilot bowing to touch her father’s feet for blessings before take-off.

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