Spot-fixing returned to cricket: Zimbabwean cricketer Brandon Taylor was implicated by Indian bookie by giving cocaine, ICC may ban

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  • Cricket Spot Fixing 2022; Zimbabwe Cricketer Brendan Taylor Blackmailed By Indian Businessman

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Once again there has been a big disclosure related to spot-fixing in cricket. Former Zimbabwe captain and wicket-keeper batsman Brandon Taylor has made this sensational disclosure. Taylor said that an Indian bookie and businessman had offered him spot-fixing. Taylor also told that when he met that bookie, he took cocaine and later he was blackmailed for this reason. Taylor feels that the International Cricket Council can ban him for several years.

Taylor shared a post on social media and wrote, I was told a plan to start a T20 league in Zimbabwe and was also given 15 thousand dollars to come to India. We have not received money from Zimbabwe board for 6 months and there is no possibility of getting it in future. So I left for India, where I attended dinner with the businessman and his associates.

I was given cocaine and a video was made
Taylor further said, ‘First I was given cocaine and then the video was made. While there were drinks going on, I was offered cocaine. Those people were taking cocaine, so I took it too. The next morning the businessman came to my room and showed me my video. He was shown a video of me taking cocaine and threatened me to spot-fix an international match for him, or else the video would be released.

6 people surrounded me
Taylor further said that he was surrounded by 6 people in the hotel room, after which he was given 15 thousand dollars and asked for spot-fixing and promised that another 20 thousand dollars would be given when the work was done. I had to save my life, so I took that money so that I could come back home.

Reported to ICC after four months
Taylor wrote in his post that when he came home, his health started deteriorating, he was under stress and was taking medicines continuously. After this, the businessman was also pressurizing him to give the result of the money he had given. After suffering all this for about four months, Brandon Taylor told the ICC about this.

Now I am ready to face any punishment
Brandon further wrote in his post that he wanted to secure his family but the ICC did not accept the delay argument. He had to be a part of many interviews and other investigations. The ICC is now preparing to impose a ban on me for several years, I am fully prepared for that.

The last two years have been very difficult for my life, so I am trying to overcome this difficulty.

Mohammad Amir during the 2010 England series

Mohammad Amir during the 2010 England series

Mohammad Amir did the fixing in the year 2010
Pakistan’s fast bowler Mohammad Amir had done match-fixing during the Lord’s Test in 2010. During the match, the 18-year-old had thrown many no-balls. After this the budding bowler was put in jail in England for six months. Apart from this, he was banned from playing cricket for five years.

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