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Sri Lankan Umpire Kumar Dharmasena to Launch His Perfume Brand After ICC World Cup 2023 – News18

Last Updated: November 18, 2023, 20:28 IST

Kumar Dharmasena (AFP Image)

The Sri Lankan umpire has made up his mind to launch a perfume brand right after he is done with his tour of the ICC World Cup.

Sri Lankan cricket umpire Kumar Dharmasena has revealed that he will soon be launching a new perfume brand. With the ICC Cricket World Cup in India gradually approaching its end, several cricketers and staff members are looking to embark on a new journey altogether. Such is the case with one of the more recognisable umpiring figures in cricket, Dharmasena. The Sri Lankan umpire has made up his mind to launch a perfume brand right after he is done with his tour of the ICC World Cup. He shared a message on X for his fans saying, “On my first day after the ICC World Cup tour in India, I’m proud to say that I will be launching my perfume brand “UNADUWA” soon! Join hands with me as we launch our very own SRI LANKAN product! #unanduwa #pintanna #silani”

Several fans have now reacted to Kumar Dharmasena’s decision. Many were happy to see the umpire take a stride into building a brand as they wished him success in his journey. One of them wrote, “All the best champion. Never knew you had a perfume company. Would love to visit once.”

Another fan seemed to be proud of the umpire’s approach to developing his brand in Sri Lanka. He wrote, “Proud Sri Lanka product, very nice but can you make affordable ranges for the common man too?”

One fan hoped that the perfumes would turn out to be as good as Dharmasena’s umpiring decisions. He wrote, “Good luck sir…I hope the perfume will be as good as your umpiring decision was.”

“That’s great. I love your products at Silani”, wrote one more.

Kumar Dharmasena began his journey as an off-spinner, gradually developing into an all-rounder for his nation while featuring in 31 Test and 141 ODI matches. He scored over 2000 runs for Sri Lanka while scalping around 207 wickets. Having gathered some fairly impressive spoils in cricket as a player, Dharmasena decided to build a new career in the sport. He made history by becoming the youngest Sri Lankan umpire at the time. Dharmasena quickly rose through the ladder to join the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires. He eventually ended up officiating the 2013 Champions Trophy and the 2015 World Cup finals. Dharmasena continues to be one of the top draws at ICC events and is easily the best umpire that Sri Lanka has ever produced.

The 2023 World Cup is soon coming to a close as we have our two finalists of the tournament. India will be taking on Australia in the competition’s final at the Narendra Modi Stadium on November 19. Both teams have looked sharp in their recent game but only one team will be able to get their hands on the ultimate prize in cricket this weekend.

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