State-of-the-art culture DST lab has been created for TB test, patients will get benefit. State-of-the-art culture DST lab ready for TB test, patients will get benefit

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Culture DST Lab at Uttar Pradesh Medical University of Medical Sciences Saifai is fully ready and working for testing tuberculosis patients. In this lab, the test report of tuberculosis patients will be available in about 12 to 15 days. After that the treatment of tuberculosis patients will be started as soon as possible. Medical Superintendent Dr. SP Singh gave this information.

Dr. SP Singh said, state-of-the-art testing machines have been installed in this lab, the cost of which is about one crore rupees. This lab is working for almost a month. He said that the treatment of severe TB patients would be easy through Culture DST Lab. Samples were sent to Lucknow or Agra for such tests. Now having this facility in the district will help a lot in the treatment of TB.

Dr. Amit Singh, Professor and Culture DST Lab in-charge of Saifai Medical College said that live bacteria will be extracted from the mucus of TB infected patients in this lab. Those bacteria will then be grown in the lab. After that the sensitivity of medicines on those bacteria will be seen. If the bacteria will be killed by the medicine, then TB patients will be treated considering that medicine as effective.

In this lab, live bacteria will be extracted from the sputum of TB infected patients.

In this lab, live bacteria will be extracted from the sputum of TB infected patients.

That’s why the test that is done from this lab is called the gold standard test and so far 11 tuberculosis patients have been tested, he said. This test proves to be very helpful for the treatment of TB patients.

XDR effective in treating TB
Dr. Amit Singh said that most of the medicines related to the treatment of TB prove to be ineffective on serious and complicated patients of TB infected. Those patients are called XDR (Extensively Drug Resistance TB). Culture DST lab will prove to be very effective in the investigation of these patients, so that these patients can be treated successfully.

TB’s gold standard test will be free
Dr. Amit Singh told that this test will be done absolutely free of cost for the treatment of serious patients of TB. He appealed to the doctors to conduct the cultural test of MDR, XDR TB patients so that these patients get treatment in the right format and they are free from TB at the earliest. He said that now the treatment of TB is possible, so patients should not panic. Keep taking the medicine on time. Adopt a healthy lifestyle so that he will definitely be TB free.

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