State revises advisory for travellers

The Health Department has revised its advisory for travellers coming into the State.

According to the revised guidelines, all domestic travellers coming into Kerala will undergo RT-PCR tests for SARS CoV-2, irrespective of their vaccination status and if found positive, will be treated according to the treatment protocols.

The high-risk primary contacts of the infected individual will compulsorily undergo room or institutional quarantine for 14 days and if they develop any symptoms, they should contact the Health Department’s DISHA helpline (1056) or the nearest health worker.

If they do not develop any symptoms, they will undergo RT-PCR testing on the eighth day. Even if tested negative, they should continue to be on quarantine for seven more days.

Low risk contacts of the infected individual should avoid unnecessary outings and social interactions and remain at home for 14 days. They should ensure that they wear a mask at all times and that hand and cough hygiene is maintained. Contact DISHA in the event of any symptoms.

Asymptomatic secondary contacts and people who have had any contact with people who have a history of travel within or outside the State should maintain all COVID-19 protocols.

All international travellers coming to the State should undergo the mandatory RT-PCR test as directed by the Union Health Ministry and remain in home isolation. Even if they test negative, they should be on self observation for seven days.

Business travellers to the State should register in the e-jagratha portal and produce a negative RT-PCR test result obtained within 48 hours. Those who have not done the RT-PCR test should undergo testing as soon as they reach the State and remain in room isolation till the test results are obtained.

If not undergoing RT-PCR test, they will have to remain in room quarantine for 14 days and contact DISHA if at all they develop any symptoms.

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