Steady inflows to Musi project

Inflows of 2,731 cusecs at 8 a.m. grew to 12,000 cusecs by 4 p.m.

With incessant rains in the upstream regions, the Musi project on Thursday received steady inflows.

The inflows, which were around 2,731 cusecs at 8 a.m., grew several times to 12,000 cusecs by 4 p.m.

Following the volume, project officials initially operated four crest gates and added another two by afternoon. Started with four feet, the gates were lifted to a height of nine feet each by the evening to release close to 27,000 cusecs.

At 5 p.m., the water level in the project stood at 635 feet, 10 feet short of its full reservoir level. As against the gross capacity of 4.46 tmc, the project was holding 2.32 tmc water.

Officials estimate that inflows to the project would increase exponentially with weather forecast for the next few days suggesting heavy to very heavy rainfall in the upstream regions.

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