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Story of Munna Vishwakarma who was Naxal zone commander. Story of Munna Vishwakarma, former Naxal Zone Commander: Naxalite became after land dispute…used to give death sentence by setting up public court; There was fear in 5 states

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Hardcore Naxalite Munna Vishwakarma was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in a 2012 case.

There was terror in the name of Munna Vishwakarma, a hardcore Naxalite, in states like UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Orissa. Munna has been a big name in Naxalite areas. In a 2012 case, Munna Vishwakarma has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Sonbhadra Court. In the same case, Naxalite Munna's associates Ramvriksh and Ajit Kol have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Munna Vishwakarma Naxalite Zone Commander

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