Story of struggle in throwback interview: When people abused Big B for acting poorly in front of parents by stopping the moving car, the superhero told the story!

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Amitabh Bachchan’s initial journey, giving back-to-back hits even at the age of 79, was full of struggles. Despite being the son of famous writer Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Amitabh had to wait a long time to make a place in the industry. Now the old interview of Big B is going viral in which he remembered the days of his struggle.

People abused Amitabh
Amitabh Bachchan had told in an interview in 1999 that there was a time when people walking on the streets abused him due to poor acting and at that time his parents were also sitting in his car. Recalling this incident, Amitabh said, “People used to say bad things about my acting skills by putting their heads inside the car window. You used to feel bad. And you feel worse when your parents- Father is sitting behind you in your car.”

Amitabh used to be stopped on the streets
Recalling his early days in Mumbai, Amitabh said that when he was struggling, people often advised him to leave the industry. Amitabh said, โ€œWhen I was struggling, there were moments when I was stopped on the streets and told to get out of the city because according to them I was wasting my time.โ€

Days spent on the benches of Marine Drive
Talking about his struggling days, the actor said that there was a time when he spent days on the bench of Marine Drive. “I didn’t have a place to live. You can stay with your friends for a while, so I spent several days on the benches of Marine Drive with some big rats,” he said.

Debut in 1969
Amitabh Bachchan made his Bollywood debut in 1969 with the film ‘Saat Hindustani’. Even after 53 years in his career, he is one of the busiest actors of Hindi cinema today. Amitabh will be seen in Ajay Devgn’s films like ‘Runway 34’, ‘Brahmastra’, ‘Alvida’, The Intern and ‘Uchhai’.

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