Story of Tulika Mann, who won silver in Judo: Father was murdered when she was 7 years old, mother and coach are Tulika’s idols

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  • Was 7 Years Old When Father Was Murdered, Mother And Coach Are Painters’ Idols

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Judo player Tulika Mann from Najafgarh, Delhi won silver medal for the country in 78+ KG in Commonwealth Games. When Tulika was 7 years old, her father was murdered. After that his mother working in Delhi Police took care of him and his younger sister.

In an interview given to Dainik Bhaskar before going to the Commonwealth Games, Tulika Mann said, ‘My mother and my coach’s wife Aarti Solanki are my idol.’

He told, ‘After the father was murdered in 2005, the mother took care of both of us sisters. Along with duty, he also brought up both our sisters with great love. Mother used to drop me at the coaching center along with my duty, then bring me from there. He always encouraged me and never let anything be lacking.

Apart from this, I am also very much influenced by my coach Yashpal Solanki’s wife Aarti Solanki. His age is more than 40 years. they have two children. During the Tokyo Olympics last year, his weight was 125 kg, but he weighed 60 kg within 6 months. Seeing mother and ma’am, I feel that I can also do the same and win a medal for the country. Impressed by ma’am, I lost weight. When Corona could not train during the lockdown. Then my weight had increased a lot. Inspired by ma’am, I lost weight and returned to the sport again.

chose judo to escape loneliness
Tulika started her career to escape from loneliness. She says, “I was young and my mother had to go on duty. In such a situation, I used to live alone in the house and mother used to leave the door after closing the door. I used to be bored. One day my friend advised me to join this game. When I asked my mother, she said yes. Then I took judo class to pass the time. When the medals started coming in, my mam Sangeeta Gupta started anchoring me. After that my mind got engaged in Judo and I thought that I have to make my career in it. Later I started going to Yashpal sir.

Likes to take cold water bath and eat chocolate before fight
Tulika had said in her interview that before the fight, she likes to take bath with cold water and eat chocolates the most. She takes a bath with cold water so that her mind remains cool and she can focus on the fight. At the same time, they get energy from cocoa chocolate.

3D animation course done during lockdown
Pooja is also top in studies. He did a course in 3D animation during the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic. His younger sister is also very ahead in studies.

Tulika told that the sister does not like judo. She also did not want him to get into the game with injuries.

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