Strange: Due to the stadium being in two countries, the team had to postpone the match, because of the different corona protocol in both the countries

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  • Strange Due To The Stadium Being In Two Countries, The Team Had To Postpone The Match, Because Different Corona Protocols In Both The Countries

6 hours agoAuthor: Rory Smith

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The home stadium of England’s team Chester FC on the Wales-England border.

There is such a football stadium, whose ground is in Wales, but the parking is in England. England’s football club Chester FC’s home Dewa Stadium is one such. Once one of the top teams in English football, Chester currently plays in the sixth tier of England. Only the location of the stadium makes it special. Other than that nothing. The club’s official historian, Chase Sumner, used to say that the stadium’s location is of modest name-fame. This sometimes caused a lot of inconvenience. Chester FC once again faced inconvenience and had to abruptly call off their match. This is because Chester FC was accused of violating Wales’ Corona protocol. Actually, Chester played two matches on the home ground during the New Year. At this time more than two thousand fans had come to watch the match. This was in line with the rules of England, but it violated the rules of Wales as only 50 people can attend outdoor events there. Chester was not convinced that these rules also applied in his case. Chester Volunteer President Andrew Morris said: ‘We are an English club whose stadium covers both England and Wales. We are registered with the English Football Association. The land on which the stadium is built is under the English Council. We are under the rule of England and its police. But this did not matter to the authorities in Wales. “The Chester Football Club stadium is in Wales, so Wales rules apply there,” a government representative said. Because of this, Chester had to postpone his match to be held this weekend. They are taking legal advice to settle the matter.

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