Students without test results not allowed to attend classes

While the majority erred on the side of caution and chose not to attend classes on the first day of colleges reopening, many said that they had wanted to go back to campus but were unable to do so as they faced delays in getting their COVID-19 test results. It is mandatory for those physically reporting to colleges to provide certificates stating that they are not infected.

The BBMP on Tuesday announced that as many as 11,574 COVID-19 tests were done for students and staff, and only two tested positive. However, many students also got COVID-19 tests done at private labs. A student from a private college in Bengaluru said, “I gave my swab for a test on Sunday, but still did not get my result. I followed up with the lab and the college. I was disappointed that I did not get my results as I was looking forward to attending class on the first day. Hopefully, I will be able to get my reports later this week,” he said.

Many students went to campuses without the test results, but were sent home. However, at some, like St. Joseph’s College, students who did not get their test results were allowed to write the exams. An official for the college said that a certificate was mandated and a majority of students had a COVID-19 Negative Certificate.

“A few who had been tested yesterday and the day before but had not yet received their results, were allowed to sit for the exams in a separate room. A mark was made on their hall ticket, so the task force would keep track of them until they received their health certificates. We are also in touch with BBMP to see if the certificates can be issued earlier,” an official from the college said.

Amaresh Kadagada, State president, Students’ Federation of India, Karnataka, said that students from many colleges had to go to hospitals or PHCs to get their COVID-19 tests done. “The government needs to conduct free testing on the college premises,” he said.


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