Subscriber count of Kalvi TV YouTube channel crosses 1.6 lakh

The YouTube channel of the School Education Department’s Kalvi TV, which hosts video lessons for students of Classes 1 to 12, has crossed 1.6 lakh subscribers.

Apart from being telecast on Kalvi TV and a few private television channels, the video lessons are also being uploaded on the Kalvi TV YouTube channel for students to access at their convenience. “Over 90% of the videos we have are in Tamil, and we are planning to release lessons in English soon,” said P.A. Naresh, joint director, School Education Department, and special officer, Kalvi TV. The telecast of video lessons for Class 11 students began in late September.Similar lessons for all other classes are being aired on TV and hosted on the YouTube channel since July.

The telecast of lessons began in a bid to reach more students across the State, especially those from government schools who do not have access to online classes, and ensure they continue to learn.

While the School Education Department had planned to create 8,000 video lessons meant to be telecast and uploaded online, over 5,000 lessons have already been telecast, and the others are in the works, Mr. Naresh said.

A team of teachers from the District Institutes for Education Training (DIETs) and officials from the Department are working on creating the content and recording and checking the video lessons. For students of Class 10 and above who have disabilities, the TV channel has begun telecasting lessons in sign language, and these are being uploaded on the YouTube channel as well.


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