Sultanpur BJP MP Maneka Gandhi Get Relief from MP-MLA Court | MP Maneka Gandhi gets relief for calling journalists blackmailer, case dismissed for lack of evidence

Sultanpur2 hours ago

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MP Maneka Gandhi.

  • A journalist from the district filed suit
  • Special judge did not consider the case to be competent

BJP MP from Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh and former Union Minister Maneka Gandhi today got a big relief from MP / MLA Court. In fact, three months ago, MP Maneka Gandhi called the journalists a blackmailer in the District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meeting. After this, a complaint was filed in the court in this case. The Special Judge has dismissed the complaint filed on Thursday for lack of evidence.

Journalist filed a complaint

Rajesh Mishra, the district journalist and the complainant of the case, filed a complaint in the court of Special Judge MP / MLA on August 28. He had alleged that in the presence of DM-SP at a meeting of District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee on August 10, MP Maneka Gandhi gave a disputed statement about police harassment over masks. He also called the reporters a blackmailer without making a concrete statement. The complainant Rajesh had called for the MP to be punished.

Argument of MP’s lawyer – statement distorted and presented

On the other hand, the MP nominated Santosh Kumar Pandey as advocate on his behalf. Advocate Santosh told the court that the MP’s statement was distorted. He also said that the journalist Rajesh does not have any recognition of the complainant, and he did not appear on many cases and did not present many other evidence in the court. In this order, today Special Judge PK Jayant dismissed the case, believing the evidence to be incapable of running the case and referring to the epidemic act through a public servant only.


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