Summer vacations will start in school from May 11: Holidays will be 7 days earlier due to rising heat, order issued

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In Rajasthan, the scorching heat in the month of May has broken all the records. The scorching sun and heat wave have made the common man miserable. At the same time, the education department has also changed the timing of summer vacations in schools after the ever-increasing heat. In such a situation, now the summer vacations starting from May 17 will start from May 11, 7 days before. On Monday night, the director of the Board of Secondary Education, Gaurav Agarwal, issued its orders.

According to the order of the Education Department, from Wednesday May 11, all government and private schools in the state will have a holiday till the end of the session. However, teachers have not been given leave. During this, the teachers will handle the preparation work for the upcoming session along with preparing the exam results. Whereas the classes whose annual examinations are going on. She will continue as before.

The order issued by the Education Department.

In fact, the scorching heat across the country including Rajasthan has troubled the common man. School holidays have been declared in many states due to the scorching heat. In which summer holidays have been declared in Uttar Pradesh from May 21 to June 23, in Andhra Pradesh from May 6 to July 4, in West Bengal from May 2, in Chhattisgarh from April 24 to June 14. In such a situation, giving relief to school children from the heat, now summer holidays have been declared in Rajasthan from May 11 to June 23.

Let us inform that due to strong hot winds in Rajasthan, the mercury has crossed 45 degree Celsius. According to meteorologists, the havoc of the scorching heat will continue in the coming days as well. Due to which the temperature of the state can increase by 2 to 3 degree Celsius. In such a situation, where small children will get relief from the order of the Education Department. At the same time, the heat will trouble the common man even more.

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