Sunil Pal became emotional on the death of Raju Srivastava: Said- Raju would have given me money and water during the days of struggle, secretly would have given my Kiara

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There is a wave of mourning in the entire industry due to the demise of Raju Srivastava. Raju’s departure is no less than a big loss for the industry. Everyone including his friends and family is deeply shocked by Raju’s death. Dainik Bhaskar had a special conversation with Raju’s close friend and comedian Sunil Paul about him. Let’s know the main excerpts of their conversation-

Raju Srivastava was king in real life too
The passing of Raju Srivastava is deeply saddened. He was the king not only in comedy but also in real life. Raju Bhai has helped people from the heart and did not even let them know. He used to have a lot of affection for his junior, then he also had great respect for the senior. I was in his company from the beginning. Food, singing and laughing, these three hobbies of his will always inspire me. Everyone should adopt this. They used to meet on the road as well, then they used to buy big pav from there and eat, listen to songs and laugh. His passing is a great injustice to us comedians. The entire industry has been locked down. may god rest his soul

Been with Raju Bhai since early days
Know Raju Srivastava ji from my early days, when I came to Mumbai from Nagpur in 1995, have been a part of his family since then. We have had a family relationship. He was a big star when I came. If anyone was the king of the stage at that time, it was Raju Bhai. I used to listen to Raju Bhai’s cassettes a lot, because he was the cassette king, so I had come from Nagpur with a dream to meet him. I thought that Johnny bhai works in films, working in films is very difficult and a big job, but he can struggle for cassettes, so he met Raju bhai and got his company. I had come new to Mumbai, so I used to pay money and water. Introduced, then used to take them home. used to record. His video was shot, then I was kept in it too. He always handled me like a shagid, like a younger brother. Before Laughter also did videos etc. with him.

On August 10, Raju Srivastava had a heart attack.

On August 10, Raju Srivastava had a heart attack.

Loved the junior very much and respected the senior very much.
When any new artist went to him, he used to help him a lot. If he needed 100-200 for conveyance etc., then he used to put two-three thousand rupees in his pocket. When I first met, he invited me to the BR dubbing theatre. His brother Deepu Srivastava got me talked about. He made his own in the very first meeting. At that time he had a Maruti car. After leaving the studio, he said, should I leave you somewhere? I said no, I live here next door. You have to go to the opposite side, why would Khamkha go there? After listening to this, quietly took me to one side and put 600-700 rupees in my pocket. This is from 1995-96. He loved his junior very much and respected the senior very much. What about his junior, I have seen that he has helped the needy senior a lot. He has always had a helpful nature.

Sometimes he used to work for free, then he used to secretly pay the rent of the hall.
I used to request him to work in a film, then he would come and go after working the whole day. He worked in films like ‘Money Bank Guarantee’, ‘Bhavnana Ko Samjho’ etc. A function was done in grief of the departure of a senior artist, then Raju Bhai asked that you are doing this. I said yes, I do. Then he said – I bring all the friends. In which hall are you doing? I told that it is kept in the cuisine hall located in Andheri Lokhandwala. Then secretly sending his servants got the full rent paid for that hall. This was 2 yrs ago. He always used to say that Sunil! Some of your friends must be doing a party-function-wedding etc., then let me know. Will turn half of it on his side. As Raju was his name, he was a king at heart. As the comedy king is called, he really was the king.

Wherever they went, the atmosphere was created
He was also very cheerful in his personal life. Always laughing and making everyone laugh. He never missed an opportunity to laugh. He always liked being with friends. Sometimes I used to call and inquire about my health, then I used to say that aa jaa, aa jaa yaar sit in the office. Used to gossip and tell that I have made this new item. He was fond of food and drink. There was a delay in reaching his office, sometimes he used to get samosa and sometimes dhokla. He also loved to eat non-veg. Whenever we used to do shows together, we used to eat non-veg too. Wherever he used to go, the atmosphere there was created, such was his one other. He always believed that comedy starts with the village, by the way, by the road, by the bus. Perhaps this must have been the reason that he used to talk to the watchman of the building for hours and hours. He used to go somewhere in the auto, then used to talk to him.

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