Sunil Shetty wanted to become a cricketer: got taunted because of his voice in the first film, wanted to leave Bollywood, now owner of 500 crores

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The wedding rituals of Indian cricketer KL Rahul and film actress Athiya Shetty have started from January 21, which will continue till January 23. The function will be held at Sunil Shetty’s farm house in Khandala.

Athiya’s father Sunil Shetty is a successful actor and businessman. But he has faced a lot of struggle in his childhood. His father was a cleaner. However, later he became the owner of the building in which he used to work. Sunil was already married before coming to films. He married Monisa Qadri, now known as Mana Shetty, after a long wait of 9 years.

Sunil’s dream was to become a cricketer, but because of his looks and fitness, his entry was done in films. Neither did any actress want to work with him in the very first film, nor did people like him after the release of the film. Due to lack of voice and dance, people taunted a lot. However, he worked on himself and has included himself in the list of A-lister actors.

Today Sunil and Mana are successful business men and the total net worth of both is around 500 crores. While Sunil owns several restaurants and production houses, Mana is also a well-known personality in the real estate business.

Read about Sunil and Mana Shetty’s career journey, love story, net worth, earning to fan following and car collection-

Father was a cleaner, later became the owner of the building he cleaned
Sunil Shetty was born on 11 August 1961 in Mulki, Mangalore in a middle class family. His full name is Sunil Veerappa Shetty. His father Veerappa came to Mumbai at the age of 9. The financial condition of the house was not good, so he used to work as a cleaner for a living. The work was small but he was never embarrassed by it.

Recalling this incident recently, Sunil said, Papa was my hero. He was never ashamed of what he did for a living. It is strange that in the buildings where he worked as a cleaner, he one day became the manager there and then also became the owner of all the buildings. He was the kind of person who always taught me to take pride in whatever work I do and do it with all my heart. The building that Sunil’s father had bought is next to the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli.

Father often used to visit son Sunil’s shooting set
When Sunil’s entry was done in the film world, his father often used to go to the shooting time. He was very happy to see his son doing a good job.

Sunil wanted to become a cricketer
As a child, Sunil had a dream to become a cricketer. He wanted to play for his country. He learned martial arts for cricket and also focused on fitness. Due to martial arts and fitness, Sunil got the offer of the film Balwaan.

No actress wanted to work together in debut film
Sunil used to handle hotel business before coming into acting. He also studied hotel management. When the offer of the film was received due to fitness and looks, he took entry in the film world.

At the age of 31, Sunil made his film acting debut. When he was offered this film, no actress wanted to work with him. The reason was that Sunil was new in the industry. Although later Divya Bharti worked with him in the film.

After the release of the first film, people used to advise to leave the industry, the voice was also made fun of
This film was a semi-hit but Sunil’s acting was rejected by the people. People made fun of his voice and dancing properly and also taunted him. Sunil was very sad to hear all these things, but he did not lose courage.

Recalling this incident, he told in an interview that all these things used to bother him but he acted with courage. Had promised himself to Sunil that he would improve himself and only those who criticize would one day build bridges of praise. Eventually that happened later. He worked on himself and established himself in the Alistair of the 90s.

Sunil used to cry at night because of flop films
There was a phase in Sunil’s life when his films were flopping continuously. Because of this, he was forced to think whether he is not really a good actor. Because of this, he used to cry whole night. However, with time everything got fixed and his career was once again back on track.

Sunil started liking Mana after seeing him for the first time.
Sunil Shetty was already married before coming to films. He married Monisa Qadri in 1991, whose married name was Mana Shetty. Sunil and Mana’s love story is no less than a film story. Sunil had to wait a long time of 9 years to marry Mana.

Sunil first saw Mana at a pastry shop on Napean Sea Road in Mumbai. He fell in love on seeing Mana. Although he had no means how to befriend Mana. After finding no way, he first befriended Mana’s sister and through this he started talking to Mana as well. After a few days, he organized a party by telling his friend and invited Mana there too. Mana came to the party and Sunil took her on a bike ride after the party. After more such meetings, Mana also started liking him. After spending some time together, both wanted to get married.

Took 9 years to convince the family, then got married
When Mana told this to his family members, they refused. The reason was that while Mana belonged to a Gujarati Muslim family, Sunil belonged to a Tulu-speaking family from Karnataka. Sunil’s family members were also not happy with this relationship. However, both did not give up and continued to believe in the family. Despite a lot of persuasion, the family members did not agree. At that time, he had no other option but to run away and get married. Still he did not take such a step. He decided that he would not marry without the consent of the family. So he decided to wait.

Initially the family had rejected their relationship. But when they saw that their relationship has become stronger with time, the family members also agreed. Finally, after a long wait of 9 years, both of them got married. Sunil Shetty and Mana tied the knot on 25 December 1991 after 9 years.

When Sunil became the messiah of 128 girls
Sunil Shetty became the messiah of 128 Nepali girls. This is about 1996, when the police and social workers in Kamathipura rescued about 456 girls from the clutches of prostitution by raiding them. Out of those girls, 128 girls were from Nepal. Later, when there was talk of the return of those girls to their homes, the Government of Nepal reversed its steps on calling them back. The government said that those girls do not have any proof of citizenship of Nepal, due to which we cannot make any arrangements for them.

In this difficult time for those girls, Sunil Shetty came as the Messiah. If media reports are to be believed, he sent all those 128 girls by flight to Nepal keeping their respect, by booking flight tickets for all of them with his own money. Along with this, it was also taken care that all the girls reach their homes safely.

Now let’s look at Sunil Shetty’s business and net worth-

Mana is called the Lady Ambani of Bollywood. She is a successful business woman and also a successful social worker and queen of real estate.

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