Super Ball’s TV viewership: the lowest in 15 years, yet the most watched event of the year

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  • NFL 2021 15 Years Will Be The Least, Yet This Year’s Most Viewed Event

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America2 hours ago

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The Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the title by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 at the Super Ball on Sunday in Marica. (File photo)

On Sunday, 9.16 crore people watched the Super Ball in America. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the title by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. Its TV viewership was the lowest in 15 years. The viewership of Super Ball in 2006 was 9.07 crore.

Despite this, if the experts believe it will be the most viewed event of this year. Last year, Super Ball’s viewership was 10.13 crore. That means there was a drop of around 9% this year. NFL matches were also seen by 7 per cent fewer people this season than last season. According to a Nielsen report, the event’s TV ratings were only 38.2, ie 38.2 per cent of TV households in the country saw matches, the lowest since 1969. is.



There was a decline in viewership due to this

On Sunday, most parts of America were cold, due to which people were at home. Yet the number of those who did not watch the Super Ball declined. The main reason for this was a one-sided fight. The match ended in three quarters as Buchaniers gained a 31-9 lead. Also, the NFL called 4000 fewer media members than last year.


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