Suresh Khanna is MLA from Shahjahanpur Sadar seat 8 times, not the party, here the names of the faces | Suresh Khanna is MLA from Shahjahanpur Sadar seat for 8 times, votes are cast in the name of face, not party

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Shahjahanpur district has 6 assembly constituencies. One of these is such an assembly seat, from where the BJP candidate is winning continuously for the last 8 times, that candidate is none other than Suresh Kumar Khanna, the strong minister of the state. It is often said that the caste equations dominate the elections held today, it is also said that the BJP gets negligible Muslim votes, but the city assembly seat is such, where BJP candidate Suresh Khanna has to vote in all the booths of the area. votes from.

Then that booth should be Hindu majority or located in Muslim majority area. After 1989, the government may have belonged to anyone, but the people here have elected their MLA only Suresh Khanna. Not even more than 10 thousand votes of Khanna fraternity are in the district. Shahjahanpur is the birth place and karma place of Amar Shaheed Ashfaq Ulla Khan, Thakur Roshan Singh and Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil of Kakori incident. There are 6 Vidhan Sabha assemblies in this district.

5 BJP candidates won in 2107

In the 2017 assembly elections, BJP candidates won 5 out of 6 seats. In these 5 seats, the city assembly seat is such, from where the BJP MLA has been winning since 1989. The name of that MLA is Suresh Khanna. Except the city, if the name of any leader is taken in the district, then the name of Khanna ji comes first on the tongues of children, elders, women and youth. In the year 1991, again the public elected Suresh Khanna as their leader and Kalyan Singh’s cabinet honored Suresh Khanna as a minister. Since then Suresh Khanna has defeated candidates of other parties continuously till the year 2017.

The population of the city assembly constituency is 4 lakhs.

Since 1989, all the political parties have continuously fielded strong candidates, but the public has stamped only Suresh Khanna’s name. In the year 2017, Akhilesh Yadav played the Muslim card to demolish Suresh Khanna’s fort and tried his luck by fielding the Municipality Chairman and SP District President Tanveer Khan in the election field, but Akhilesh’s Muslim card also failed.

Then Suresh Khanna defeated SP candidate Tanveer Khan by 19,203 votes and continued his winning streak for the 8th consecutive time. But in the coming elections, the claims and promises of all the political parties have changed. It has to be seen whether the people of the city assembly constituency would like to see the same face this time too or else some changes will be seen this time.

unfinished business

There is a good number of votes of all caste categories in the Nagar Vidhan Sabha constituency. In which Muslim voters play the main role in the victory of the candidate. Talking about the last 5 years, the city has developed very fast. Roads, intersections and tirahs were widened. A paved road has been made in every street of the city by removing the pavement. Now all the work is being done on the lines of making the city a smart city. But in the midst of all this, one thing cannot be denied that to woo the public, Suresh Khanna, along with the administration, has thrown dust in the eyes of the people by dedicating unfinished projects. The living example of which is electric buses. Which lasted only 2 days and in the absence of charging, all the five buses were parked at the charging point.

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