Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case: Kangana Ranaut Gets Support Of Actor’s Sister Shweta After Attacking By Their Family Lawyer | Family lawyer accused Kangana of running his agenda, Sushant’s sister Shweta called him a warrior and said – you are our strength

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Kangana Ranot has thanked her after supporting Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti.

  • Vikas Singh had said in an interview that Kangana Ranot is running her agenda in Sushant case
  • Kangana retweeted the tweet of Shweta and wrote- Thank you for thwarting rumors against me

Kangana Ranot, who is constantly fighting to get justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, has got the support of actor’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti. Shweta has shared a video on Twitter, in which her father KK Singh’s lawyer Vikas Singh is clarifying his statement against Kangana.

Shweta wrote in the caption, “I salute all the brothers of the brother.” You are all our strengths and are real heroes in every way. Right now our goal should be to stay united for the real reason. Urge unity and understanding. “

Kangna asked for encouragement- thank you

Kangana Ranot has thanked Shweta for the encouragement. The actress re-tweeted Shweta’s tweet, writing, “Thank you Shweta.” Thank you for your kind words. The suspects are acting as usual. Thank you for thwarting all rumors against me. “

What did Vikas Singh say against Kangana?

Recently, Vikas Singh had said about Kangana Ranot in an interview, “She is just running her agenda and targeting those with whom she has personal issues.” She is going on her own trip. The FIR lodged by the family has nothing to do with these claims. Sushant may have been a victim of discrimination, but in this case it cannot be the primary course of investigation. It may have a small contribution, but the main case is how Riya and her gang exploit Sushant and kill him? “

Singh had said in another interview, “The issue (Nepotism) she (Kangana) is raising is correct.” She is talking about the general industry problem. Sushant will also suffer from it (nepotism), but Kangana is neither a friend of Sushant nor representing him. What she is doing is telling only for herself. ”After this, Kangana Ranot was being trolled on social media. Along with this, the demand to buy them was also started.

What did Singh say later in the cleaning

In an interview, Vikas Singh clarified his statement and said, “I or nobody has any complaint with Kangana. Kangana has spoken candidly about the discrimination happening in the film industry. Sushant must have been its Victim too. I just said that at the time it did not seem to be the reason for the death of Sushant (discrimination), but if any direct link comes out about it, then CBI will investigate it too.

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