Sushant Singh Rajput Was Planning To Leave Mumbai, Rhea Chakraborty Was Controlling His All Money, Audio Clip revealed | 5 months before the death Sushant had expressed concern about the future, talked about reducing expenses, Riya Chakraborty was managing her money

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According to the viral audio clip, Riya Chakraborty asked Sushant Singh Rajput to make an FD for his entire money.

  • An audio clip of about 36 minutes of Sushant Singh Rajput is going viral in the media
  • Sushant, who wanted to leave Mumbai, also talked about his mental condition in the audio

An audio clip of Sushant Singh Rajput has surfaced, which is reported to be January, 5 months before his death. In it, Sushant is heard with Riya Chakraborty, her father Indrajit Chakraborty and some of his financial advisors. Sushant is talking about leaving Bollywood and planning for the future. They are also talking to everyone on ways to reduce expenses. After listening to the audio clip, it is clear that Riya Chakraborty had full control over Sushant’s money.

Riya insists on making FD

According to the report to date, this audio clip is of 36 minutes. In this, Riya is telling Sushant that he should make his money FD. Riya said, “I want all of this as an example that I am not there, not even Shruti (Modi), not even Miranda (Samuel). Some new person is with Sushant. He gets Sushant’s card. So? First thing is that I would advise Sushant to make FD. We will keep all his money in FD. There will not be more than 10-15 lakh rupees in his card. Secondly he will continue to get interest on his money. So Sushant Deposit will remain safe. No FD will be able to be broken without his signature. “

Sushant wanted to leave Mumbai

In the audio, Sushant talks about leaving Mumbai and Riya advises him to go to Goa. She is saying, “We will go to Goa for a month or two and then decide. He (Sushant) is worried about his future. Wants to protect himself.”

Next to this, Sushant is saying that he wants to plan the retirement and everyone is asking how will this happen? To this Riya says, “First of all think about the money that he has. How much will his return be?”

Sushant was in search of peace of mind

Sushant is talking about going to a natural and green place where he can get peace of mind. Riya advises him of Pavana (Maharashtra) on this. She says, “We will go to Pavan in a day or two and see how he feels? Whether he gets peace of mind in a month or not? I want to be with him most of the time. After that we will be out of this house.” Will discuss the exit and talk to its owner. “

Sushant talks about his mental condition

Sushant is saying, “I can barely get out of my room. It is my intellectual curiosity to take care of myself, but not financially in any way, because my mind is not in this state. I Someday feel something and someday something else. So I can’t waste this time. ” Riya says, “We will find some solution. We are the best people.”

Sushant’s brands endorsement also discussed

Riya asks if there is any signing amount for brands? “This is followed by the voice of another woman (possibly Shruti Modi) who says,” Yes we have taken money from Titan and Sony Lex. He is feeling that he (Sushant) will not be able to shoot him. “Riya says,” I have told him that at least the ads that are available should at least make them, but he has to take the final decision. “

Sushant is also appealing to reduce expenses

Sushant asks how can we stop spending this money? A person tells them that they have a list of their expenses, which they make every month. So expenses have to be reduced and money will have to be saved.

Sushant appeals to everyone to reduce expenses and says, “Here I am fighting with my mind. This is the most difficult time for me, which I have never seen.” A person’s voice comes over this and he says that private trusts are formed only during difficult times, where the people of the trust take all the financial decisions keeping in mind the person concerned. “

Riya intervenes and asks, “Suppose we put 10 rupees in the trust. If we want to make his FD or mutual fund, can the trustee do that? The voice comes in response,” The trustee will decide Which will get better returns and reduce risk. “

CBI is constantly questioning Riya

The CBI is constantly questioning Riya Chakraborty. They were questioned for 10 hours on Friday and 7 hours on Saturday. According to the report, he has been called again on Sunday. Apart from Riya, her brother Shovik, Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranda, flatmate Siddharth Pithani, housekeeper Neeraj have also been questioned.

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