Sushant’s life challenges films made: Delhi High Court sends notice to filmmakers, Sushant’s father demands to ban films

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6 minutes ago

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Producers who have made or announced films on the life of the late Sushant Singh Rajput have been summoned by the Delhi High Court by sending a notice. The court issued this notice during the hearing on a petition filed by Sushant’s father KK Singh, seeking a ban on the use of his son’s name or similar things in films. Has issued a notice to the filmmakers asking them to submit their views till May 24.

The names of several films were included in the lawsuit

The petition, filed by KK Singh’s lawyer Vikas Singh, has also included the names of some films based on Sushant’s life, such as ‘Justice: The Justice’, ‘Suicide or Murder: A Star Was Lost’, and ‘Shashank’ . It has claimed that Sushant’s case is under investigation and if such films come in this case, the case could have a negative impact. According to the petition, after watching these films, people’s perception about Sushant case may change.

Filmmakers accused of taking advantage of the situation

It has been written in the petition that the filmmakers are taking advantage of the situation. They are trying to capitalize on the opportunity with the wrong intention. Singh has expressed apprehension that various dramas, films, web series, books, interviews or other published material may damage his son’s honor. The petition also sought a compensation of more than Rs 2 crore from the filmmakers for the defamation, mental torture and exploitation of Sushant’s family.

Taking content related to Sushant is against right to privacy

The petition also claimed that films, web series, books or other similar content, which are allowed to be published or broadcast, would affect Victim’s rights and an independent-impartial investigation. Because it can cause bias.

The petition said that Rajput is a well-known figure. Any misuse of their name / image / caricature / dialogue delivery style is a violation of their privacy rights. This right now rests with his father, as he is the only legal heir after his death.

KK Singh’s lawyer has appealed to the court that along with the filmmakers mentioned in the petition as well as others, Sushant’s name / image / caricature / lifestyle or similar things in the upcoming projects / films in any way Order to stop using.

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