Swag Dham turned into ruins in Unnao | The restoration was done at a cost of Rs 32 lakh, interlocking cremated at the place of Mishra Colony crematorium

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Swargdham’s crumbling interlocking crumble.

Apart from Gangaghat area at Mishra Colony crematorium in Unnao, people from Unnao and Lucknow reach the funeral pyre. In view of this, Swarg Dham was built a decade ago. Due to lack of maintenance, Swarg Dham had turned into ruins. On which interlocking, toilets, halls were constructed at a cost of lakhs of MLA funds for the renovation. But after the passage of six months, the interlocking installed in Swarg Dham started crumbling at places.

The Swargdham Ashram at the cremation ground in Mishra Colony was renovated from the MLA fund at a cost of about 32 lakhs. The working organization had built a toilet inside the ashram along with a hall for the convenience of the people coming to the funeral site. Along with this, interlocking was done to repair the damaged park and broken floors. The executing organization had got the construction done keeping the standards in mind during the work. The results of which are visible within six months.

Swarg Dham was built at a cost of Rs 32 lakh

The interlocking in Swarg Dham has started to crumble and crumble from place to place. Along with this, the plaster of the walls has also started to crumble from many places. Due to which questions are being raised on the restoration done at a cost of lakhs. Panda, who was present at the ghat, told that substandard materials were used in the construction work here. It was opposed even during that time, but the executive body did not listen to anyone and today the result is that neither there is a water system nor a proper arrangement of tin shed. People coming from far away have to face troubles.

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