Swing Master Bhuvneshwar coach Sanjay Rastogi’s interview: Said – 3D is the secret of Bhuvi’s success; Dedication, Determination and Discipline

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The quality of Indian cricket team’s fast bowler Bhuvneshwar was told by his coach.

The form of swing magician fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar, playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL season 15, is going slow right now. By the way, Sanjay Rastogi, the coach of Bhuvi, has full faith in the bowling of the disciple. At the Victoria Park Cricket Ground in Meerut, Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s starting coach Sanjay Rastogi still advises new players to follow Bhuvneshwar’s discipline and dedication in the game.

While talking to Dainik Bhaskar, Cricket Coach Sanjay Rastogi also told some interesting things related to Bhuvneshwar’s game.read full interview

Sanjay Rastogi, coach of Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Sanjay Rastogi, coach of Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Question- Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s performance has gone down, why?
Answer- It’s not like this. Had the performance been down, Bhuvi would not have been in the team continuously. He played well in T20 as well. He did well in the last series as well. Bhuvi is also running the best economy. Initially all the batsmen play cautiously, so taking wickets is not easy. Whenever Bhuvnesh takes a wicket at the start, his team wins. He bowls the starting over or the depth over. In the depth over, other bowlers give 20-25 runs, but Bhuvi removes the over in 12-13 runs.

Question- You enroll in the academy after the entrance test, how was it with Bhuvi?
Answer- Bhuvneshwar was 13 years old when his elder sister brought him to me on the ground here. As silent as he is today, he was as silent even in childhood. The focus was on the game from the beginning. Batting and bowling both used to do well. Within a year, he got selected in the UP Under 15 team.

Then went to Under 17 and along with playing Under 19, reached the Indian team from Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy. Determination, dedication and discipline, these three things were there in Bhuvi earlier also, they are still there today. That’s his game power. He has not finished his childhood till date. He also does evil, does the work well. This method is the secret of his success.

Q- What advice would you like to give to Bhuvneshwar?
Answer- His fitness is good, there is no injury, it is not known on the ground and these problems keep happening with fast bowlers. Due to this it is difficult to do proper rehab. The same happened with Bhuvi and he had some difficulties.

Question- How do you think a 13 year old boy can be the best bowler?
Answer- There is a period to become a sportsman. Bhuvi was a natural inswinger. I didn’t tease him, if I teased him he would have gone off track. He always followed my tips. The inswing was good, later we worked on his outswing. Nature has given Bhuvi a natural game, it has made Bhuvi strong. Just like Milkha Singh was a natural sprinter, Bhuvi’s quality was his excellent inswing. We also gave some tips, guidance which he always followed, even today he comes on the ground, practices.

Question- Which bowlers of West UP are you seeing that spark in?
Answer- Karna, Priyam, Karthik are all doing well. Will see you on a new level soon. Priyam and Karthik are not getting a chance right now, they played well last time. BCCI is working a lot on new players, giving them opportunities.

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