Taapsee Pannu’s mind on IT Red: Actress said- The past few years have told that anything can happen here, I am not a criminal

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29 minutes ago

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Recently, Taapsee Pannu was in the news a lot when the Income Tax Department raided her. His mobile phone was confiscated, which he received back on Saturday. Now in a conversation the 33-year-old actress has told about Red. According to him, she was always ready for such action due to public personality. But for his family, it was shocking. She also said that in the last few years or months, she has come to know very well that anything can happen here.

‘I did not even expect it’

Talking to The Quint, Tapsee said, “When they (IT officers) came to me, I was told that my Delhi and other locations in Mumbai were also being investigated. I was informed. I don’t think I expected Also, it will happen to me, especially my family. It was shocking for them. They did not see it at all. They were very surprised. “

‘It is a matter of being a public figure’

Taapsee added, “The last few years or months have told me that anything can happen. It is a public figure. I am completely fine because when I have done nothing wrong I don’t know what to do.” Why else should there be fear of the matter? If there is a human mistake, I will pay it or I am going to pay it. But I am not a criminal. I have not done anything illegal. So I am not afraid of the consequences. “

Reaction given on receipt of 5 crores

Taapsee said in the conversation that even though Red has shocked her. But this does not mean that they will change themselves fearfully. The actress also reacted to the receipt of Rs 5 crore, which is being claimed in many media reports that she had taken the money. Taapsee said, “I want to know where are those 5 crore rupees? I have not been offered this amount for any work in my life. I will frame that receipt for myself.”

Reaction to red was given as soon as mobile was received

On Saturday, Tapsee Pannu gave his first reaction to Red after getting the mobile back from IT officials. He wrote on social media, “In a 3-day intensive investigation, mainly 3 things have come out. I am said to be the owner of the alleged Parisian bungalow which I own I have not gone for the summer holidays.

On the charge of getting a receipt of five crores, Taapsee wrote in another post, “He does not have any receipts of five crores nor has he taken any such money.” Finally she said in the third post that she is not associated with any of the 2013 raids. He wrote, ‘According to the Finance Minister I had raids here in 2013. No more ‘cheap copy’. Here, Taapsee took a sarcasm at Kangana Ranot, as Kangana has often called him a cheap copy.

On March 3, IT raided

On 3 March, the Income Tax Department raided the houses and offices of Tapsee Pannu, Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl and Madhu Mantena. According to the report of the department, Taapsee and Anurag have stolen tax worth about 350 crore rupees.

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