Taliban decree of Khap panchayat, Naresh Takait said – ban on boys from rural areas to wear half pants, will be fined if worn | Decree of Khap Panchayat, said – Ban on boys from rural areas to wear half pants, will be fined if worn

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  • Taliban Decree Of Khap Panchayat, Naresh Takait Said Ban On Boys From Rural Areas To Wear Half Pants, Will Be Fined If Worn

Muzaffarnagar13 minutes ago

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The Balian Khaf Panchayat in UP has issued a decree for boys from rural areas not to wear half pants.

  • Naresh Tikait said that the government took tough measures in the incidents of molestation
  • Decision taken in the meeting of the Panchayat of Balian Khap of the district

The decree of Khap Chaudhary Panchayat has once again come up in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. The order has been issued by Chaudhary Naresh Tikait of Balian Khap, in which all the young men in the village are banned from wearing half-paint. Also, a decision has been given to punish socially for not following the decree.

Chaudhary Naresh Tikait has said that the whole country is angry with the incident of Ballabhgarh. A girl is murdered publicly. Which is very painful. Being tortured a lot. Nowadays girls go from school to school college and incidents of molestation are happening to them. The government should take drastic steps in this matter. At least those who molest multiple daughters should be hanged. We have not given any decree but have given opinion.

Boys in rural areas wear half pants

Naresh said that the boys who are from rural areas wear half paint is not good. Our elders have reconciled that banning the wearing of this half paint. We had earlier banned girls from wearing jeans in Khap panchayats. Girls can wear jeans in the city but it does not look good in the village. We also opposed this and we succeeded. The girls said if we ban boys too, we banned boys from wearing tight clothes.


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