Taught Grammar to the children of Class 6, were on inspection with the CDO. Taught Grammar to the children of Class 6, were on inspection with the CDO

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Sultanpur DM Ravish Gupta along with CDO Atul Vats had reached the inspection of junior high school of Dubeypur block today. He taught English to the children of class 6. Like a teacher, he wrote on the black board and asked questions to the children.

Regular clean-Cleaning Of lamps Instructions

DM Ravish Gupta and CDO Atul Vats made a surprise inspection of the upper primary school located in Dubeypur’s Gram Panchayat Dubeypur. During the inspection, the attendance register, class room, education, cleanliness, furniture, kitchen etc. were reviewed. The attendance register of the children was inspected by the DM and the teaching knowledge of the children was tested and detailed information about the teaching knowledge was given. He also observed the cleanliness of the school and gave instructions for regular cleaning.

Officials inspecting the Anganwadi center.

Officials inspecting the Anganwadi center.

Anganwadi Center of Too did Supervision

DM directed the concerned to build an extra room due to the large number of students in the class. He directed the Block Development Officer to make way for the primary school to reach Dubeypur. After that the Anganwadi center built in Gram Panchayat Dubeypur was inspected. During the inspection, the Anganwadi center was found closed on the spot, as the opening time of the Anganwadi center is from 8 am to 12 noon. In order for all the Anganwadi centers to be operated simultaneously, he directed to build an additional room adjacent to it.

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