Taunted over the cancellation of PM’s show: Comedians Kunal Kamra and Munawwar Farooqui said – Surprisingly, this never happened with us

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A month ago, some shows of comedians Kunal Kamra and Munavvar Farooqui were canceled. On this, both of them had spoken on social media. In which he also got the support of politicians and film industry. Now both of them have taken a dig at the cancellation of PM Modi’s rally in Punjab. Both of them have linked it to the cancellation of their show.

That’s why PM’s show got canceled
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally was held on 5 January in Ferozepur in view of the 2022 assembly elections. The farmers blocked the roads opposing the Prime Minister. His rally had to be canceled at the last moment. At the same time, he had to return by way, because the road was closed in Bathinda. Due to the closure of the road, his convoy was stuck on the highway for about 20 minutes.

However, once again Munawwar Farooqui’s show which was scheduled to be held in Hyderabad on January 9, 2022 has been canceled due to Kovid case in Telangana state.

Kunal wrote – this has never happened to me
Comedian Kamra did not write anyone’s name, but due to the cancellation of the show, the gesture was towards the Modi government. Kunal wrote – Your show got canceled due to security reasons, it is very surprising, this has never happened to me. Significantly, Kunal takes a dig at the political situation in the country. Kamra’s comedy often targets the current government. He was banned by several airlines including IndiGo and government-owned Air India last year.

Munavvar wrote – I didn’t have any show there
Like Kunal, Munawwar Farooqui also wrote without naming anyone – Oh, Punjab show got canceled due to weather. Oops… but I didn’t have a show there. Last year, Munnavar also went to jail in Indore due to one of his controversial shows. Then he was accused by some people of hurting religious sentiments. This is the reason why all his shows are being canceled now.

That’s why both remain in controversies
Actually, comedy shows of Munnavar and Kunal are getting canceled due to anti-religious comments. In the last few months, 12 shows of Munnavar and around 101 shows of Kunal have been canceled. Both also expressed their pain on social media. Some celebs including Swara Bhaskar also came in support of both the standup comedians.

Former CM of MP also in support
Both also got the support of Rajya Sabha MP and former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh. Digvijay wrote on his social media post that “I organize a show in Bhopal for Kunal and Munnawar for you. All the responsibility will be mine. The condition will be one, only Digvijay Singh will be the subject of comedy. Sanghis should not object to this. !! Come don’t be afraid!! Give the date and time as per your convenience. All your terms are acceptable.”

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