Teacher MLC Umesh Dwivedi said in Prayagraj, one-sided victory of BJP is certain. old pension was closed under the leadership of sharma group Teacher MLC Umesh Dwivedi said in Prayagraj, one-sided victory of BJP is certain

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Allahabad Jhansi teacher election in-charge and teacher MLC Umesh Dwivedi spoke to journalists on Wednesday at a hotel located in Civil Lines. Said that Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Babulal Tiwari is going to have a one-sided victory in the Allahabad Jhansi teacher MLC election. He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is getting full support of teachers without finance and managers, principals and teachers of all the schools in Prayagraj district. He said that former teacher MLC Suresh Tripathi never paid attention to the education system. The result of that is that today the Sharma group has come to the margins and MLC Hem Singh Pundir, Jagveer Kishore Jain and Subhash Sharma etc. have distanced themselves from their group.

Umesh Dwivedi said that the old pension was closed by the SP government in which Sharma was the leader of the faction as the chairman. Not only this, the financial system is the gift of the Sharma group only.

โ€œBJP has given the right to vote to teachers without financeโ€

Umesh Dwivedi said, all efforts were made by him to cut the votes of the teachers without finance. The Bharatiya Janata Party gave the right to electorate the teachers without finance in the MLC elections. In the BJP government, 32,000 secondary teachers, 11,200 principals and 130,000 primary teachers have been recruited without any middlemen. Answering the questions, he said that the old pension system has not yet been implemented in any state and in UP our government is thinking of implementing the old pension and said that this election is the bright future of Bharatiya Janata Party education and teachers. fighting for.

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