Teachers took up the responsibility of protecting children from corona: In the third wave, children should not be victimized, so government school teacher’s unique campaign, special package made from salary, medicine, treatment and even food arrangements

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  • Children Are Not Victims In The Third Wave, So The Government School Teacher’s Unique Campaign, Special Package Made From Salary, Medicine, Treatment And Even Food Arrangements

Udaipur8 minutes agoAuthor: Smit Paliwal

The second wave of corona infection proved fatal in the country and the world. Now experts have expressed the possibility of a third wave. In this, young children are said to be at higher risk of infection. In such a situation, to save the children from infection, the teachers of Udaipur have started a unique campaign ‘Mera Gaon Meri Responsibility’. Under this, the teachers have collected the amount from their salary. With this, they will not only go from house to house and look after the health of the children. Rather, they will also help their families financially. Door-to-door survey is being done to reach every needy person. The aim of the teachers is that they can be freed from the danger of corona infection and once again the future of the country can return to studies.

Door to door survey is being done in rural areas.

Teachers gave financial support for children
Mohan Lal, principal of Government Higher Secondary School Kaya, 20 km from Udaipur, said that the threat of corona is not averted at present. Due to which students are not able to reach the school for studies. In such a situation, the teachers of the school started Mera Gaon Meri Responsibility Campaign to take care of the health of young children and their families living in Kaya village.

Under this, the teachers have prepared special kits with the help of villagers and health workers by collecting financial amount from their salary. Which are being delivered to every needy person by conducting door to door survey by the team of teachers. So that the Kaya Panchayat Samiti can be freed from the danger of corona infection. And once again the future of the country could return young children to school.

Team investigating rural woman.

Team investigating rural woman.

Teachers will take all the responsibility from treatment to treatment
PTI Ghanshyam told that the second wave of Corona had created a ruckus across the country. In such a situation, before the third wave, Kaya’s teachers have started this campaign. Under which, according to the guidelines of doctors, not only small children but their families are also being examined from door to door.

In which if suspicious is found, they will be taken to the hospital by the teachers with the help of a special vehicle. Where the responsibility of their treatment and care will also be taken by the team of teachers. Along with this, if any person is ill in any house or family in rural area. So in their absence, from the food to the ration of the family members, the arrangements will also be made free by the teachers.

The team of My Village My Responsibility Campaign.

The team of My Village My Responsibility Campaign.

First aid being provided at home
ANM Surya, who is involved in this unique campaign of teachers of Kaya village, said that door-to-door survey has been started. Under which investigation is being done from small children to their families. In which, in case of cold, cough, cold, fever, they are being given first aid at home.

Whereas serious patients are given treatment after consultation with doctors. But still his health did not improve. So arrangements have been made to take them to the hospital. Along with this, our team is also working to clear the misconceptions and rumors spread among the villagers regarding vaccination. Due to which vaccination picks up pace in rural areas as well. So that Corona can be eradicated from the root in the village.

Monitoring team constituted at ward level
A monitoring team has been constituted at the ward level by the teachers of Kaya Panchayat Samiti. In which local public representatives, Anganwadi workers, ANMs, 2 students of the village and 2 teachers are included. Those who are going from house to house not only looking after the health of the children. Rather, they are also encouraging them to keep them connected with education. So that even in this era of corona infection, children are not disillusioned with education.

At the same time, special preparations have also been made by the teachers for the security of the monitoring team. Under which they have been provided with a special kit of bags, globs, temperature gun, oximeter, face shield, N-95 mask, soap, sanitizer, cap. So that the Corona Warriors, who are helping the villagers risking their lives in this era of epidemic, can be kept infection free.

Under the campaign, teachers are distributing medical equipment from door to door.

Under the campaign, teachers are distributing medical equipment from door to door.

Not only Rajasthan, the body will become an example for the country
Regional MLA Phool Singh Meena said that the teachers of Kaya village would become an example not only for Rajasthan but also for the country in their unique campaign. Because till now preparations are being made to fight the third wave only on paper. Whereas, the teachers of Kaya Panchayat Samiti have started implementing their action plan on the ground. Which is a unique and wonderful experiment in itself.

What is the tribal area
Let us tell you that Kaya village of Udaipur is situated in the middle of the Aravalli mountain range, away from the urban limits. where the tribals originally resided. who are very backward economically. In such a situation, not only the health of the villagers are being looked after by the teachers in this era of epidemic. Rather, efforts are also being made to make them self-reliant in this period of transition by giving them financial support. In such a situation, it has to be seen how successful this campaign of teachers of Udaipur can be.

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