Teachers will have to wait for transfer: New transfer policy will go to cabinet after Chief Secretary, protest starts

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A new policy has been prepared in the Education Department for the transfer of teachers in Rajasthan. With this, the wait of teachers waiting for transfer may increase a little more. In such a situation, even before the implementation of the new policy, teachers have started opposing it. Now both the teachers and the education department are waiting for the decision of the Chief Secretary regarding this.

Actually, Education Minister BD Kalla had talked about transfer in the state under the new transfer policy 6 months ago. For this, the Education Department has also started work on the new transfer policy. Which has been prepared and sent to the committee of the Chief Secretary. After this, now the Chief Secretary’s committee will implement its suggestions and changes and send the new policy to the cabinet. There is a committee of 12 to 15 people, which will be headed by the Chief Secretary. In this committee there are 2 senior IAS, 3 RAS as well as academicians and top officials of the secretariat. Where the new policy will be implemented after the approval of the cabinet. In this entire process, teachers who have been waiting for transfer for the last 3 years may have to wait for 3 to 4 months more. In such a situation, the teachers have opened a front against the education department regarding this new process of the government.
will have to apply again
Rajasthan Education Minister BD Kalla told that the Education Department has made a new transfer policy for the transfer of teachers. The Education Department has sent it to the Chief Secretary for approval. In such a situation, after the new policy is approved, applications for fresh transfer will be sought. At the same time, under the new education policy, whatever teacher will come under it. They will be given relief in transfer only.
85 thousand teachers have already applied
Let us inform that in the month of August last year in Rajasthan, online applications were sought for transfer from teachers at Shala Darpan. In which more than 85 thousand teachers of the state had applied to come to their home district. Even after the lapse of 9 months, the teachers were not transferred. Teachers across the state have been protesting against this for a long time. At the same time, even after the implementation of the new policy, teachers will now have to wait for a few more months for transfer.

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