Team India will go for gold in lawn balls today: It can also be called an updated version of marble, this favorite game of Dhoni; Know the rules

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India reached the final after defeating New Zealand 16-13 in the semi-finals.

  • India-South Africa Final at 3:00 PM

In the Commonwealth Games today, Team India will go into lawn balls with the intention of winning gold. Today, even though sports lovers across the country are talking about lawn balls, most of the Indians are not familiar with this game. Explain in simple language, this is the updated version of the marble played in our villages and towns. The special thing is that it is included in the favorite games of former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Let’s know about this game…

In the game, the big ball has to be delivered to the jack i.e. the target. Whoever gets the ball closest gets the point.

Team India will play gold medal match against South Africa on Tuesday at 3:00 PM. A day earlier, she had reached the final, beating New Zealand. India has reached the final for the first time in the history of 92 years of Commonwealth Games.

Learn from the video how to play…

It is played on a mat field. In this, the player has to reach the ball of different colors to the target (jack) from a distance of 23 meters. Whose ball goes closest to the target gets the point. Players take turns rolling the ball in the match.

A jack is a small ball. Whose diameter is 63-67 MM, while the diameter of the big ball is 112-134 MM. This ball is designed in such a way that it never rolls in a straight line.

Team India after winning the semi-finals.

Team India after winning the semi-finals.

How many categories are there?
The game has four categories. Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours. The game of both men and women is different and there are different medals for both.

What is Point System…?
Points are awarded for passing the ball to the jack. The player who scores the first 21 points in singles is declared the winner. Whereas in doubles, triples and force 18 points wins.

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