Teaser release of Telugu film Hanuman: Trollers said – what Adipurush could not do in 600 crores, Hanuman did in 12 crores

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Film maker Prashant Verma has released the teaser of his new film Hanuman. This is his biggest film till date. As soon as the teaser was released, the film started trending on social media. Makers say that the film has cost 12 crores to make, but seeing the teaser, the viewers say that the VFX of the film is better than many big budget films made in recent times. Fans are also comparing the teaser of this film with the VFX of Adipurush.

The film is based on the character of Hanuman ji.

As the name itself suggests, the main character of the film is said to be inspired by Hanuman ji. In the background of the teaser, an attempt has been made to mix up the story of the present day with the ancient times. Tremendous background score has been seen in the film with great music effects. Glimpses of Hollywood films are being seen from the teaser of the film.

Seeing the teaser of Hanuman, people trolled Adipurush

As soon as the teaser was released, the film started trending on social media. Social media users are praising the film while sharing the teaser and poster. Some social media users have started trolling Adipurush after seeing the teaser of Hanuman. People say Hanuman’s VFX is 200% better than Adipurush. Social media users are also comparing the budget of Adipurush and Hanuman. Users say that the work which the makers of Adipurush could not do in 600 crores, the makers of Hanuman did it in just 12 crores.

Preparing to create a cinematic universe by combining mythological characters

Producer Prakash Verma of the film says that he is making Prashant Verma Cinematic Universe by combining many characters. He said – “I look at making films that are inspired by texts or epics. In the form of Hanuman, we are making an entire film on a mythological character for the first time. I am creating a cinematic universe by combining a lot of mythological characters.” We will show all these characters according to modern times. It is said about me that only trailers and teasers of my films are good, but this time I will make a better film than teaser and trailer.” Prashant says that this is not a Telugu film but an international film.

The film will be released on December 18-

This film, directed by Prashant Verma, will be released on 18 December 2022. The lead actor of the film is Teja Sajja. The film is produced by Niranjan Reddy under the banner of Primeshow Entertainment.

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