Tejas became the biggest flop film of 2023: Earned only Rs 4.15 crore in 4 days, CM Yogi also saw Kangana’s film

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Kangana Ranaut’s film Tejas 2023 has proved to be a big flop. This film, released on October 27, has collected only Rs 40 lakh on the fourth day. In this way, the collection of the film has become Rs 4 crore 15 lakh in 4 days.

From the collection of the film, it can be understood that the film has failed to attract the audience. The audience is not going to the theater to watch it. This is the reason why theater owners have to cancel all the shows of Tejas.

Whereas trade expert Komal Nahta has refused to talk anything about this film. He has also tagged it as the worst film.

On Monday, the film recorded 6.6% Hindi occupancy in theaters.
Kangana’s stars are in trouble these days. Kangana had high hopes from Tejas but all her hopes have been dashed. The film has recorded 6.6% Hindi occupancy in theaters on Monday. The film had an opening of Rs 1.25 crore but after this no growth has been seen in the collection of the film.

Audiences did not arrive; shows had to be cancelled.
To know the condition of the film at the ground level, Bollywood Hungama spoke to several theater owners in India about the performance of the film. Kirti Bhai T Vaghasia, who runs The Friday Cinema Multiplex in Surat, said he had to cancel all 15 shows of Tejas in his cinema hall from Friday to Sunday.

He told- Not a single show of Tejas has been run in my theatre. There has been zero booking. On Friday, I gave a complete Audi to Tejas and decided to play 6 shows as it is just a 2-hour film. But no audience came to see it. Keeping this in mind, I decided to play 3 shows of Tejse on Saturday.

Kirti Bhai further said, this is the rule that shows go on even if 10 spectators come to watch the film. We thought that 4-5 spectators would definitely come for Tejas also but it did not happen. Not a single audience came to watch the film. For this reason, we replaced all the shows of Tejas with Vijay Thalapathy’s Leo show.

CM Yogi watched the film Tejas
On the other hand, on Tuesday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath attended the special screening of the film ‘Tejas’ at Lok Bhavan Auditorium in Lucknow. Kangana was also present on this occasion.

Sharing the picture on this occasion, Kangana wrote – Maharaj ji became so emotional after seeing the courage, bravery and sacrifice of our soldiers that his eyes welled up. Thank you Maharaj Ji, we are blessed by your praise and blessings.

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