Telugu film offered to Tina Dutta after leaving the show: Bolin- Now I will focus only on work, wants to make Priyanka Chaudhary Bigg Boss winner

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In the Friday episode of Bigg Boss 16, before the finale, actress Tina Dutta got evicted from the house. Tina Dutta stayed in the house for a long time. Also, there was a lot of discussion about her relationship with Shaleen Bhanot. During the conversation, Tina threw light on her ‘Bigg Boss’ journey, her relationship with Shaleen and her plans ahead. Highlights of the conversation:

Did you expect such a great performance from you?
To be honest, I did not think at all that I will leave after reaching the finale like this. According to me, I was playing a very good game, I had my own opinion, I had my own point of view, I spent every moment very strong.
I tried my best to show my real personality in front of the audience, obviously not feeling good being evicted from the show.

I think I gave my 200%, I gave my best. This show taught me that I am a very strong survivor. I don’t regret signing this show but yes, I have made some mistakes during this journey, which I now realize that if I had not made those mistakes, my journey could have been more beautiful.

What would you like to say about your connection with Shaleen Bhanot?
There is no equation of any kind between the two of us. He is very aggressive, manipulative, I would never want to meet him. After what I have spent with me, I would never want to meet him again in my life.

He is playing the victim card. I realize now that something good could have happened if I had not befriended him at home. Now the mistake was made, it cannot be perfect.

What do you have to say about your love hate relationship with Priyanka Chaudhary?

I have only and only love relationship with Priyanka, there is no hatred of any kind. She is a very intelligent girl. We both never thought that we would ever be friends. But it happened which is a beautiful feeling.

Because of your friendship with Sreejita Dey, you were accused of breaking people’s houses, what would you say on this?
Yes it happened because he said many things behind my back which I did not like. If she was my friend, she would not have said that at all. I would like to ask all those girls that if you are single then are you breaking someone’s house? No no.

Being single is your choice, waiting for the right life partner is your choice. Well, he said what he had to say, but I never spoke ill of any girl, nor did I do any character assassination. I would not do this to any woman. Just don’t want to say much more about Sreejita.

Who do you want to see carry the trophy?

Priyanka Chowdhary.

How open are you to new love in personal life?

Can’t even think about love right now, so much has happened in life that now I don’t have the courage to think. Now I just want to focus on my work.

There are reports that you have signed a big budget Telugu film, is it true?

Yes, my team has told me about it, some talks are going on but right now it is too early to talk about it.

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