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TG Ravi, Irshad-Starrer Malayalam Film Avakashikal To Release On OTT Platform – News18

Avakashikal will be released on August 17.

Written and directed by N. Arun, Avakashikal features TG Ravi and Irshad in the lead roles.

Malayalam cinema is all set to witness a powerful collaboration between accomplished actors TG Ravi and Irshad. Renowned for their impressive performances in films such as Paavam Krooran, Kodumudikal, Aakrosham, and Private Limited, TG Ravi and Irshad have now united for an intriguing venture titled Avakashikal. Crafted under the creative vision of writer-director N. Arun, a Member of the Kerala Film Academy and State President of AIYF, this upcoming film made its debut on August 17, offering audiences an engaging cinematic experience. The latest reports indicate that Avakashikal is set to have an OTT release.

Noteworthy in its ensemble cast, Avakashikal doesn’t solely feature TG Ravi and Irshad. It also stars Anju Aravind, Jayaraj Warrier, Saju Navodaya, Sohan Seenulal, MA Nishad, Anoop Chandran, and Bindu Aneesh in pivotal roles. Additionally, the film introduces a few Assamese theatre artists, adding diversity to the cast.

At its core, Avakashikal delves into the complexities of Indian societal dynamics, vividly portrayed through the lens of rural communities in Assam and Kerala. Set against the backdrop of a village, the film unveils the intricate tapestry of national politics.

The film’s visual aesthetics were skillfully handled by cinematographers Vinu Pattat and Aayilyan Karunakaran. AR Akhil took on the task of editing, ensuring a seamless cinematic flow. The musical aspect of the film was enriched by the lyrical compositions of Rafeeque Ahammed and Parvathi Chandran, with Mineesh Thampan contributing as the music producer.

Notably, TG Ravi isn’t only focusing on Avakashikal. The veteran actor has secured a prominent role in the upcoming film Bhagavan Dasante Samrajyam. Positioned as a political satire, this film also stars Akshay Radhakrishnan, known for Pathinettam Padi, in a pivotal role. Centring on a series of tragedies during a temple festival, Bhagavan Dasante Samrajyam is directed by Rasheed Parambil and produced by Raison Kalladayil’s Robin Reels.

Meanwhile, Irshad Ali’s recent cinematic journey included a protagonist role in the film “Two Men,” released in August of the previous year. Two Men navigate a crime scene, delving into the journey of an accused individual traversing a desolate desert. The narrative takes a turn as he encounters another man, resulting in two distinct storylines that intertwine.

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