The absconding in many cases, the pickup rider was shot on July 18. The absconding in many cases, the pickup rider was shot on July 18

Ghazipur9 hours ago

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In Ghazipur, the police has arrested a criminal with a reward of 20 thousand. A firearm was also recovered from him. On July 18, he was absconding in broad daylight robbery and firing.

was shot by stopping the pickup
The case is of Dulhapur area. A few days ago, 2 people were going towards Ghazipur city in a pickup vehicle. During this, bike riders were standing two hundred meters before Mulethi turn. stopped them. Started taking out the car keys. The people in the pickup did not give the keys. On protesting, the miscreant took out the weapon and opened fire. Due to this, a person sitting in the pickup got injured.

After the incident, the police was busy in search of the miscreants. Police had already arrested one of the accused in this case, while the other has been caught by the police during the encounter. The third miscreant was on the run, who has also been arrested now.

3200 rupees of a robbery case was recovered on the behest of the arrested Anuj Pathak. In another case, a used firearm was recovered near Dhamupur Park. Four cases are registered against the arrested Anuj Pathak in the police station Dullahpur.

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