The accused got bail after ten years, ten months and 28 days, was sentenced for the murder of his mother’s lover. The accused got bail after ten years, ten months, 28 days, was sentenced for beating his mother’s lover.

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Allahabad High Court has ordered to postpone the life sentence and release him on bail after spending 10 years 10 months 28 days in jail for the death of the injured lover on the way to the hospital after seeing him in an objectionable condition with the widowed mother. The court has said that he should deposit half the amount of fine of 10 thousand rupees from the sessions court. On depositing half the fine, the court will not recover the balance till the appeal is decided. The court has prepared a paper book and asked it to be presented on 20 September 22 for hearing the appeal against the sentence of life imprisonment. While hearing the bail application on the appeal of others. The appellant said that the other accused has been released by the government. Now only his bail is to be heard. The appeal is not likely to be heard in the near future. He should be released on bail as per the Saudan Singh case verdict.

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