The accused ran away on making noise, the accused included two acquaintances. Accused ran away after making noise, two acquaintances included among the accused

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CO City Shreyash Tripathi

Some people from Mau district tried to kidnap a girl from Ramgoolam Tola locality of Kotwali police station area of ​​Deoria Nagar. But on raising the noise, the accused youth fled away.

In this regard, the girl has demanded action by giving a complaint letter to several administrative officers including the Superintendent of Police.

Let’s tell what is the matter
According to the complaint letter, Suman Kushwaha’s daughter Radheshyam, a resident of Ramgoolam Tola locality, lives near the Kali temple. His tiles business is in Matiyari, Lucknow. On Friday afternoon, four youths suddenly came to his house and started abusing Suman Kushwaha. When the youths did not ask him for the key of Bolero, the accused tried to forcibly make the girl sit in their car with the intention of kidnapping. The four youths fled with the vehicle after the girl raised an alarm. The girl alleges that during this time they also snatched her gold chain.

Bolero grab controversy

The victim girl told that she had to buy a Bolero vehicle. But a vehicle loan cannot be done without ITR for three years. Therefore, the girl bought a Bolero vehicle from Mau itself after getting financed in the name of family friend Ravi Soni, a resident of Madhuban in Mau district. The girl kept paying the installment of the vehicle loan from her account itself. Someone told the girl that the young man in whose name the car finance is there wants to grab it. The girl became conscious and stopped paying the installment. This is where the controversy started. The accused got the girl threatened by some Pawan Pandey in Lucknow.

There was also an attempt to kidnap a girl in Lucknow
The accused youths had also tried to kidnap the girl in Lucknow. But when he could not succeed, he came to Deoria and tried to kidnap around 1 pm on Friday afternoon. Tried. The victim girl says that she immediately informed on number 112. But the police number 112 did not come.

Appealed to Superintendent of Police and CO City Office
The victim girl has given an application to the Superintendent of Police and CO City, demanding action against the accused.

What did CO City say?
CO City Shreyash Tripathi said that the application has been received. The matter will be investigated and necessary action will be taken.

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