The accused said – he used to rule, so he killed him after drinking alcohol. , The accused said – he used to rule, so he killed him after drinking alcohol.

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The laborer, who was injured after being stabbed by a colleague at Kasba Bar in Lalitpur district, died in Jhansi Medical College on Thursday afternoon. On the other hand, Lalitpur police caught the accused on Friday and presented him in the court. Let us tell you, 45-year-old Vinod, a resident of village Katihar district Purnima in Bihar, used to work with supervisor Amar Goswami, a resident of Bihar, in a power plant located in village Chiglaua near Kasba Bar of Lalitpur.

Police arrested the accused

On Thursday, Supervisor Amar Goswami brought Vinod to Kasba Bar as per the plan. Drink alcohol first. After that, taking him to a deserted area, attacked him several times with a knife. Due to which Vinod was seriously injured. He was admitted to Jhansi Medical College for treatment. Where he died on Friday morning. To catch the accused, outpost in-charge Anuj Gangwar was engaged with his companions on Bansi Marg near Bastaguwan village.

Then the accused was seen leaving from there. The police caught the accused. A knife has also been recovered from him. The accused told that he and Vinod bring laborers from Bihar. The contractor had made Vinod a scribe. Because of which he always used to rule over her. So he killed her. Police Station Bar Sunil Kumar Tiwari told that the killer Amar Goswami has been arrested on Friday.

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