The accused used to steal vehicles from the crowded places of Azamgarh, the accused used to sell the parts by cutting them together with the masons. Azamgarh Two arrested with four stolen bikes

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Police of Mubarakpur in Azamgarh district arrested two bike thieves, recovered two stolen bikes from the possession of the accused.

Mubarakpur police of Azamgarh district has arrested two accused along with four stolen bikes. These accused used to target crowded places, tehsils, hospitals and public meetings. The vehicles were stolen and taken to the masons. Some vehicles were cut and their parts were sold separately. This also reduced the risk of them being caught. Police investigating two cases registered earlier in the district have arrested both these accused, Amir son Kamaluddin and Subhash Ram.

The accused used to drive by changing the number plate
In this regard, Inspector Rajkumar Singh of Mubarakpur said that the accused accepted the fact that the customer needed to open the part of the stolen bike. He was sold. Along with this, the accused used to change the number plate of the bike and used to sell them at throwaway prices on getting the customers. The accused used to choose crowded places for theft of vehicles. The accused have been arrested from Tadia Mor near Sikthi Shah during checking. Accused Amir has seven serious criminal cases registered against him and Subhash Ram has four serious criminal cases. The police was looking for the accused for a long time.

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