The action of the thieves caught in the CCTV, the question raised on the activation of the outpost in-charge. The action of thieves caught in CCTV, question raised on the activation of outpost in-charge

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An attempt was made to theft in an English liquor shop located in Halua (Bhorhi) village of Sayedaraja police station area of โ€‹โ€‹Chandauli. However, the action of the thieves was captured in the CCTV camera installed outside the shop. But after the thieves caught sight of the camera, he broke it and fled from the spot. The licensee of the shop, Ashok Kumar Jaiswal has given a complaint to the police against unknown thieves.

Ashok Kumar Jaiswal, a resident of Varanasi district, has a licensee for licensed liquor shops at three places in the district. Salesmen Sunil Jaiswal and Dharmendra Yadav went to their homes after closing the liquor shop of Bhaurahi late on Wednesday evening. But when he reached the shop again on Thursday, seeing the broken CCTV camera, people feared theft.

CCTV camera checked
When I went inside the shop and saw everything was safe. After this, when people checked the CCTV cameras, the thieves got exposed. According to the video captured in the CCTV camera, the thief was trying to climb the stairs built outside the shop. But in the meantime, when his eyes fell on the camera, he broke it and fled.

Thieves were trying to steal a liquor store. But could not succeed.

50 thousand liquor sales
Salesman Dharmendra Yadav told that about 50 thousand liquor is sold daily from the shop. Whereas the sale money from the shops of Kanta and Naubatpur is also collected at this shop. In such a situation, it is suspected that the thieves had come with the intention of stealing cash. But after not getting success, he ran away from the spot.

Question on the activation of outpost in-charge
The police outpost at Dharauli is operated by Sayedaraja police station in Chandauli district. Sub-Inspector Rajesh Kumar Singh has been posted here recently. But since his deployment, there have been unsuccessful attempts at theft at a grocery store in Dharauli and a liquor store in Bhorhi. But its charge fails to stop the incidents. People are raising questions about his activism.

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