The amount lying in the account of the corporation, a proposal of one crore was made to improve the power supply in the urban-rural area. The money lying in the account of the corporation, proposals of one crore were made by bringing it in urban and rural areas.

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In Farrukhabad, even after having money in the accounts of the officers of the Electricity Department, they did not get the work done in the urban area. The negligence was such that even the tenders for the works which were approved by the DM were not issued. As a result of this, the power system got derailed in summer.

After disconnection of connection in arrears, RC is issued for collection of revenue. Some part of the recovery from this RC is deposited in the New District Electricity Development Fund. The account of this fund is operated under the joint signature of DM and Superintending Engineer. In the year 2020, it was decided to improve the electricity system in the city and rural areas with one crore rupees from the Electricity Development Fund.

An estimate of about 30 lakhs was made to shift the HT and LT lines coming out of the houses in 48 schools and 2 villages in rural areas. An estimate was made to get 25 works done to replace the dilapidated wires and bunch cables in the urban area. The then District Magistrate Manvendra Singh approved to get the work done from August 2020, but the tenders were not floated. When the DM expressed displeasure, the tender for shifting the power line in 20 schools and one village was taken out from the office of the Superintending Engineer. Some work has been done in this.

Tender not out for other works
No tender was floated for getting 29 works done in rural areas and 25 in urban areas. This was the reason that no work was done to repair the equipment to provide uninterrupted power supply in the city. Its effect is visible as the heat rises. As soon as the temperature crosses 40, shabby wires, bunches of cables are breaking and the power system is derailing.

Not getting electricity even for 18 hours
The claim of 24 hours uninterrupted power supply in the city has failed due to unannounced power cuts. Arbitrarily cutting. The consumers of the city are not getting electricity even for 18 hours. After the village, now the reduction has started in the urban area as well. Electricity is cut off arbitrarily. People are suffering from the same heat.

Know what said responsible
Superintending Engineer MK Srivastava told that the screw of transferring money from the account of New District Electricity Development Fund to the account of Managing Director’s office, Agra is stuck. Tenders were not floated for this. Talks are going on with the officials on how the money will be transferred for the purchase of materials. Once the money is transferred, the tender will be floated and the work will be done.

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