The attack took place on the way to the farm, the family members accused the former head | The attack took place on the way to the farm, the family members accused the former head

BalrampurOne hour ago

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Pradhan was murdered in broad daylight.

Radheshyam Verma alias Mithai Lal, village head of Rupnagar gram panchayat was murdered in broad daylight in Maharajganj Terai area of ​​Balrampur police station in Uttar Pradesh. The relatives allege that some people of the village have been shot dead in the election rivalry, village head Radheshyam Verma.

Police have not yet disclosed the reason for the murder. Additional Superintendent of Police Namrata Srivastava says that only after the post-mortem report comes, it can be told whether the bullet has been shot or someone has been killed with a sharp weapon.

The leader has already been killed

The shooting of village head Radheshyam Verma alias Mithai Lal of Rupnagar Gram Panchayat in broad daylight on Sunday in Terai area has once again shook the entire area. Even before this, a BJP leader was crushed to death by a tractor under Haraiya police station in Terai area. Several arrests have been made in the case so far.

were threatening to kill

The relatives of the deceased say that 3 people of the village along with some other people shot and killed Pradhan. When he was going to the field to cut sugarcane, then he was attacked. Manish Verma, a youth who was with the deceased in the incident, was also injured. The family alleges that the former head of the village was threatening to kill the current head Radheshyam Verma for a long time.

Another youth also injured

He and his family often used to say that if the pradhan is killed, the pradhan seat of the village will become vacant. We will be the head again. We have also appealed to the police officers to provide security several times regarding this matter. But no action was taken. On Sunday our opponents killed Pradhan Radhe Shyam Verma. Pradhan has been shot twice. While another youth is also injured in this incident.

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