The audience went berserk watching Imran Khan’s comedy drama. Spectators go gaga over Imran Khan’s comedy drama

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The name of the film is Devjaan because it is a mix of Devdas and Umrao Jaan.

The play ‘Film Ka Bhoot’ was staged on the fifth day of the Lucknow Drama Festival being held on the occasion of Uttar Pradesh Day in Lucknow on Saturday. This festival is going on under the aegis of Regional Tourism Office, Directorate of Tourism Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Academy, Nav Anshika Foundation and Theater and Film Welfare Association Uttar Pradesh. During this Murtuza Ali was present as the chief guest.

This comedy drama directed by Imran Khan made people laugh a lot. Its story was something like this that director Ram Bhaukal Sharma aka Bhauku wants to make a film, whose name is Devjaan. The name of the film is Devjaan because it is a mix of Devdas and Umrao Jaan.

Bhaku calls his writer and the budget of the film is fixed at 300 crores. That thing is different that Bhaku himself has borrowed 30 ₹ from his assistant Ramu. Sometimes the writer gets Umrao Jaan’s mujra done in the field and then gets Devdas to fly in a helicopter.

People laughed the most when it came to know that the financier of the film is Chai Wala Aslam. Anyway, somehow the audition of the film starts. More than one strange person turns up at the audition. During this, a Mumbai don is also threatened to act. People laughed a lot at the acting of the people who came to audition.

The play ends when director Bhaoku gets a call from financier Aslam Bhai and he says, “I will no longer be able to finance your film because the Municipal Corporation has removed my tea stall as an encroachment”. .

These actors were in lead roles in the play ‘Film Ka Bhoot’

role actor

Director Giriraj Sharma

Ramu Satyanarayana

Writer Amar Pathak

Model Ujala Gupta

Mumbai brother Vivek Prabhakar

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