The batteries were being taken from Guwahati to Pune, theft from the container on the way. Batteries were being taken from Guwahati to Pune, theft from containers on the way

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58 boxes of batteries went missing from a container carrying batteries in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The surprising thing is that the driver did not even hear about it. Now the police have started investigation by registering a case in the whole matter.

Kotwali the countryside Station Area Of Case

Let us tell you that the cartoons of 58 boxes of batteries mysteriously disappeared from the container carrying the battery from Guwahati to Pune. This case is related to Kotwali Dehat police station area of ​​Sultanpur district. The estimated value of the missing 58 boxes of batteries is being told in lakhs. However, on the complaint of the driver, the police have registered a case. But how the battery was disappeared in Sultanpur on the way from Guwahati to Poona and the driver did not even notice it is a big question.

case Of Ambulatory doing Test

The credibility of the plaintiff driver is also in question in the whole case. On the lobbying of the leaders of the ruling party, the police have registered a case. But the police are losing sweat in exposing this case of theft. Countryside Kotwal Gauri Shankar Pal says that a case of theft has been registered. Company officials came after the incident but these people did not consider it appropriate to meet the police. Based on the investigation, 58 boxes of batteries are being traced.

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