The bike rider told Shiva devotees – will see, the charge of breaking the kanwar Bike rider told Shiva devotees – will see, accused of breaking Kanwar

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On Thursday, a batch of Shiva devotees of Bareilly’s Baheri was coming from Surjannagar Thakurdwara via Bhatupuri. On Thakurdwara Surjannagar road, near the culvert of Tarabad Narayan village of the area, a bike-riding youth, resident of Afjagarhas, Bijnor district, hit a group of Shiv devotees. In this, Shiv Bhakt Vikas Kumar, son of Baheri, Kumar Singh and Bhanu Kumar, along with other Shiv devotees were injured. The bike rider fell into the ditch on the side of the road, injuring the devotees. Shiva devotees caught the bike rider. During this, there was a lot of fierce fighting.

Bike rider threatens Shiva devotees
The youth riding a bike threatened to see the group of Shiva devotees when they reached Sharif Nagar village. Being outsider Shiva devotees got scared and informed the police. There was a stir in the police administration on the information. The police took possession of the bike rider and admitted the injured Shiva devotees to the Municipal Community Health Center for treatment.

Accused of breaking the kanwar of Shiva devotees
On the other hand, Shiva devotees started a ruckus, accusing youths of other community riding bikes and accusing them of breaking the kanwar of two Shiv devotees. The police somehow understood and pacified the Shiva devotees. The police sent a batch of Shiva devotees to the UP Uttarakhand border amid their security arrangements.

ASP Sagar Jain told
ASP Sagar Jain said that on Thursday morning the Shiv Bhakta Jatha was coming from Thakurdwara Surjannagar road. Then the bike of the youth coming behind fell uncontrollably while colliding with Shiva devotees. Two Shiva devotees got minor injuries in this. The injured have been sent by the police from Thakurdwara area under police protection.

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